Flour quality and wheat kernel hardness connection

Véha, Antal and Gyimes, Ernő and Szabó, Pál Balázs: Flour quality and wheat kernel hardness connection. In: Review of faculty of engineering : analecta technica Szegedinensia. pp. 107-111. (2008)

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Wheat kernel hardness is a very important inheritable parameter; it determines quality, flour yield, flour particle-size, water absorption and other quality characteristics. Besides, kernel hardness has great effect on the resulting flour's baking properties, too (Békési, 2001). The relationship between wheat protein content and kernel texture is usually positive and kernel texture (hardness) influences the grinding energy. Hard Wheat grains require more grinding energy (eg) than Soft one (Véha, Gyimes 1999). The aim of our research was to determine the possible relationship between kernel hardness and various other parameters of the flour (dough visco-elastic characteristics, wet gluten, water absorption, flour recovery, alvcograph-traits). We used Pertcn SKCS 4100 to determine the kernel hardness, while the Pertcn 3303 mill was used to establish the grinding energy (eg). Registered and widely used Hungarian wheat varieties (7 of HRWW and 4 of SRWW) were examined. Twin correlations were used to determine the relationship among the various traits. According to the results, there is a very strong correlation between the cg and the kernel hardness (r=0.991). The correlations between hardness index and the examined flour parameters were also significant. We found strong correlation between the eg and water absorption of the flour. The associations found in this study will help to better understand the technological aspects of wheat and flour quality as well as provide useful information the breeders to develop new, high quality hard or soft wheat varieties.

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Review of faculty of engineering : analecta technica Szegedinensia
Date: 2008
ISSN: 1788-6392
Page Range: pp. 107-111
Language: English
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