A nomádok jelentősége a középkori Európában

Zimonyi, István: A nomádok jelentősége a középkori Európában. Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : acta historica, (128). pp. 101-108. (2011)

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The Carpathian Basin and the lower Volga River were once centers of nomadic tribal confederacies and empires, which had a strong impact on medieval European history. As for the former, the Huns, Avars and Hungarians are worth mentioning. The Hungarians were converted in 1000 and with their Christianization they entered the Latin Europe. The Khazars played an important role in the history of Kievan Rus', whereas the Golden Horde had basic effect on the formation of Russia. The peoples of the steppe played an important role during the formation of Europe, a fact which has been neglected in historiography.

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : acta historica
Date: 2011
Volume: 128
Page Range: pp. 101-108
ISSN: 0324-6965
Language: magyar
Uncontrolled Keywords: Történelemtudomány
Additional Information: Bibliogr. a lábjegyzetekben; Ismertetett mű: István Zimonyi: The significance of the nomadic peoples in the history of medieval Europe
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