Batthyány Tivadar és Fiume kapcsolata

Ordasi Ágnes: Batthyány Tivadar és Fiume kapcsolata. In: Köztes-Európa : társadalomtudományi folyóirat, (6) 2-3. pp. 13-21. (2014)

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“The historical remembrance selects necessarily, but it is always thought-provoking when such individuals who are considered prominent personalities of an era become marginalized. Tivadar Batthyány is one of them, because his name is only known to a few. Even though Batthyány is primarily known as one of the dominant figures of public life, through activities in the Independence and ’48 Party and later on as the Minister of the Interior of the Károlyi cabinet, his life and work are poorly processed in the Hungarian historical research. This is especially true for the Count’s role as a parliamentarian in the city of Fiume/Rijeka, which he held between 1892 and 1901.In my presentation I would like to call the attention to those main issues in which the Count exposed himself during his activities in Fiume. I would also like to show the trends that –stands as a response to Batthyány’s statements. On the intersection of the aims, a decisive phase of the politician’s career can be found together with factors greatly influential in Fiume’s future. On the one hand, experience learned from the opportunities of the independent economic policy and from the multi-ethnic environment; while on the other hand, the distrust resulting from the fear of losing the autonomy.”

Item Type: Article
Other title: Tivadar Batthyány and Fiume
Heading title: Fiume
Journal or Publication Title: Köztes-Európa : társadalomtudományi folyóirat
Date: 2014
Volume: 6
Number: 2-3
ISSN: 2062-1396
Page Range: pp. 13-21
Language: Hungarian
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Batthyány Tivadar, Fiume története 19. sz.
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