A határmenti mezőgazdaság fenntartható fejlesztése, jövőbeli kilátásai

Kutasiné Nagy, Irén and Harsányi, Endre: A határmenti mezőgazdaság fenntartható fejlesztése, jövőbeli kilátásai. Köztes-Európa : társadalomtudományi folyóirat, (6) 2-3. pp. 135-143. (2014)

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Present publication is the second part of a multi-segment study. Its purpose is to introduce the comparative analysis of the agriculture of the European Union on the basis of statistical data of multiple years. It seeks the answer to the changes in the economic structure of the Romanian, Hungarian and the EU agriculture the proportion of their used agricultural area and the arable land utilised by each farm within the North-western and North Great Plain regions. What is the national economy significance of agriculture and what kind of problems do sole farms have in the North-western region and what are the sustainable development directions of the agricultural rural areas along the border. Characteristically, Romanian rural farms provide only a half-subsistence. The economic structure indexes of the examined regions, especially the North-western region belong to the worst ones in a European comparison. Its reasons are complex, the areas of the numerous farms are scattered. In terms of the average farm size, the North-western region is the last in Europe. In the case of sole farms the situation is even worse, their average size was 1.9 ha in 2010. The privately owned areas of sole farms are fractured, therefore their owners have less employees which is not sustainable due to reduced production efficiency. One of the possible development directions is the modernisation of farms.

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Köztes-Európa : társadalomtudományi folyóirat
Date: 2014
Volume: 6
Number: 2-3
Page Range: pp. 135-143
ISSN: 2062-1396
Language: magyar
Heading title: Gazdaságtörténet és régiótörténeti kutatások
Uncontrolled Keywords: Mezőgazdaság fejlesztése Magyarország 21. sz., Gazdasági együttműködés magyar-román
Additional Information: Bibliogr.: p. 142-143.
Date Deposited: 2016. Oct. 17. 10:37
Last Modified: 2018. Jun. 15. 15:42
URI: http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/id/eprint/35087

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