Üzleti és nemzeti érdekek harca a dualizmus idején ; az osztrák Lloyd társaság tengeri kereskedelme Fiuméban

Pelles, Márton: Üzleti és nemzeti érdekek harca a dualizmus idején ; az osztrák Lloyd társaság tengeri kereskedelme Fiuméban. In: Köztes-Európa : társadalomtudományi folyóirat, (7) 1-2. pp. 153-163. (2015)

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In my paper, I introduce the operational history of an important trading company, the Austrian Lloyd, in terms of its connection to Hungary, between 1871 and 1913 focusing on Fiume’s port. This company connected Fiume (and Hungary) with the eastern ports of the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea (Levante) until 1891 with beneficial help from the Hungarian Government; and later by the company’s own interests. In the presentation I analyse the agreements made in the governmental contracts and why the contracts were terminated in 1891. I also had a look at the size of ship and goods turnover the company had in Fiume’s life between 1889 and 1913. In my study I don’t mean to present the company’s life and operations only but I would like to place it horizontally in terms of its turnover rate among the other governmentally supported marine trading steam ship companies. As references I am using and working with relevant Hungarian and Italian bibliographies, laws and statistical publications. From my research I await to enlighten a slice of Hungarian export which is important and not very much processed.

Item Type: Article
Other title: The war of business and national interests during the dualism ; the Austrian Lloyd's marine trade in Fiume 1871-1913
Corporate name: Osztrák Lloyd Társaság
Journal or Publication Title: Köztes-Európa : társadalomtudományi folyóirat
Date: 2015
Volume: 7
Number: 1-2
ISSN: 2062-1396
Page Range: pp. 153-163
Language: magyar
Corporate name: Osztrák Lloyd Társaság
Uncontrolled Keywords: Gazdaságtörténet Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia 1871-1913, Kereskedelem magyar tengeri 19-20. sz.
Additional Information: Bibliogr.: 163. p.
Date Deposited: 2016. Oct. 17. 10:36
Last Modified: 2018. Jun. 16. 16:31
URI: http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/id/eprint/36255

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