A munkaügyi bíráskodás történetének kezdetei Szegeden (1918-1920)

Antal, Tamás: A munkaügyi bíráskodás történetének kezdetei Szegeden (1918-1920). In: Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : acta juridica et politica, (79). pp. 13-19. (2016)

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The Hungarian courts for jurisdiction in labour cases were not separated from the ordinary civil courts of justice before the revolution in October–November 1918. After the proclamation of the Hungarian Republic (November 1918 – March 1919) the government with a special legislative power issued a so-called People’s Act on the tribunals for labour cases. It was the first time to establish courts operating with German-type laymen delegated by the parties in Hungary. The implementation of the act mentioned was suspended almost everywhere in the state as the Hungarian Republic of People’s Councils (March–August 1919) did not accept the former democratic institutions. The author presents the very special way of implementing the rules of jurisdiction in labour cases in Szeged City concerning to the unusual historical conditions: although the communist power was in force on the entire territory of the country, Szeged became an exception due to the occupation by the French army. Finally two types of courts were established for jurisdiction in labour matters on this “legal island”: parallel with the official one there was an arbitrage committee to sentence in the conflicts of employers and employees, too. This paper also gives data to the constitution and legal history of the revolutionary era.

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : acta juridica et politica
Date: 2016
Volume: 79
ISSN: 0324-6523
ISBN: 978-963-306-479-5
Page Range: pp. 13-19
Uncontrolled Keywords: Munkaügy - Magyarország - regionális, Szeged, Munkajog - magyar
Additional Information: Bibliogr. a lábjegyzetekben ; Összefoglalás angol nyelven ; Historical introduction to the jurisdiction in labour cases in Szeged (1918-1920)
Date Deposited: 2018. Jun. 28. 05:06
Last Modified: 2018. Jun. 28. 05:06
URI: http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/id/eprint/53887

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