Researches regarding the production capacity and quality of alfalfa in crisurilor plain condition

Jurmescu, Irina and Cojocariu, Luminita and Péter Szűcs, Judit and Lalescu, Dacian and Horablaga, Marinel and Marian, Florin: Researches regarding the production capacity and quality of alfalfa in crisurilor plain condition. In: Review on agriculture and rural development, (2) 1. pp. 285-290. (2013)

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Nitrogen supply through mineral fertilization affects nitrogen biological fixation process in legume plants, even though plants can directly absorb the mineral N. For species such as alfalfa, in addition to the inhibitory effect, mineral fertilization decreases the useful life of the crop and the quality of protein in the dry matter According to some authors there is a positive response in biomass production for N application only in excess of 100 kg ha-1 year. The aim of this paper is to find conditions resulting in higher production of alfalfa under different variants of fertilisation in Batar conditions, Bihor county and the chemical analysis of this forage. The research was carried out in the experimental fields that belong to the society SC Frevest SRL from Batăr locality, Bihor county, the experiment being placed on a chernozem argiloiluvial soil. The experimental setup was randomized block design, in three repetitions, the plot surface being 45 m2 . Sowing was made on October 5th 2010. In order to determine the production, the harvesting was done at 61st phenophase (beginning of flowering: 10% of flowers open) of alfalfa (the extended BBCH-scale, general). Considering the analyses regarding alfalfa production capacity the biggest production of green mass was obtained at N50P50K50+ N100 fertilization variant of 47.00 t ha -1 . The differences are statistically assured as very significant and have been registered between alfalfa production obtained at variant N50P50K50 (25.7 t ha 1 ) and variant N50P50K50 + N50 (42.3 t ha -1 ); variant N50P50K50 (25.7 t ha -1 ) and variant N50P50K50 + N100 (47.0 t ha -1 ): variant N50P50K50 + N50 (42.3 t ha -1 ) and variant N50P50K50 + N100 (47.0 t ha -1 Regarding the chemical composition of the yield of N50P50K50+ N100 fertilization variant we can conclude: crude protein content is 178.7 g/kg, crude fiber content is 302.4 g/kg, NDF is 520.8 g/kg, ADF is 307.6 g/kg and ADL is 91.9 content on dry matter basis (kg DM).

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Review on agriculture and rural development
Date: 2013
Volume: 2
Number: 1
ISSN: 2063-4803
Page Range: pp. 285-290
Uncontrolled Keywords: Lucernatermesztés, Növénytermesztés, Műtrágyázás
Additional Information: Bibliogr.: 290. p. ; Összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2018. Jun. 16. 09:56
Last Modified: 2018. Jul. 26. 10:29

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