Change of NPK-supply of soil in Békés county between 2005 and 2009

Kristó, István and Varga, Szabolcs: Change of NPK-supply of soil in Békés county between 2005 and 2009. In: Review on agriculture and rural development, (2) 1. pp. 331-335. (2013)

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During our study, made on the basis of the results of soil examination related to the AgriculturalEnvironmental Management Programme, we wanted to determine the changes of NPK-supply in arable lands of Békés County between 2005 and 2009. We analysed the results of examinations of 300-300 soil samples of Békés County coming from the first (2005) and the last (2009) year of the Agricultural-Environmental Management Programme by NPK-supply. Comparing our results to the literature we concluded that the very good, good range of NPK-supply expressed in percentage is higher in Békés County soils than the country average. Studying the data of the opening and closing years of each farm it was revealed that soil samplings were made without circumspection and expertise. Approaching to the closing year of the second Agricultural-Environmental Management Programme we think it is worth considering that sampling must be done by accredited organisations, because usable examination results and effective fertilisation advice can be expected only after expert sampling. We suggest a compulsory education for the farmers taking part in the financial supporting system to teach them the theoretical and practical knowledge of the modern, environment- and cost-effective nutrient supply and also the rules of professional soil- and plant-sampling.

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Review on agriculture and rural development
Date: 2013
Volume: 2
Number: 1
ISSN: 2063-4803
Page Range: pp. 331-335
Uncontrolled Keywords: Talajvizsgálat, Talajtan, Trágyázás, Agrárpolitika - Magyarország - 21. sz. - regionális, Békés megye
Additional Information: Illusztrációval ; Bibliogr.: 335. p. ; Összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2018. Jun. 16. 12:02
Last Modified: 2018. Jul. 26. 10:36

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