Isolation of bacteria antagonistic to pseudomonas tolaasii, the causative agent of brown blotch disease

Sajben-Nagy, Enikő and Manczinger, László and Szekeres, András and Vágvölgyi, Csaba: Isolation of bacteria antagonistic to pseudomonas tolaasii, the causative agent of brown blotch disease. In: Review on agriculture and rural development, (2) 1. p. 514. (2013)

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The aim of this study was to isolate mushroom pathogenic Pseudomonas tolaasii antagonistic bacteria, and to investigate the inhibiting processes. P. tolaasii is a well known mushroom pathogen bacterium, which attacks oyster and button mushroom. The caused symptoms could be present as brown blotches on the caps, or browning and yellowing of the whole sporocarps. The toxin molecules, produced by the bacterium, disrupt the cellular membrane of the fungal cells via pore formation. The exclusion of the whole genus from the growing processes is difficult, because some species play key role in the healthy cap formation. Potential way of suppression is the artificially generated competition for the nutrient sources. In this case the production of enzymes and siderophores is important. Another opportunity to lowering the losses during the infection: the neutralization of the produced tolaasin toxin. This could prevent the browning and yellowing of the caps caused by P. tolaasii. WLIP (White Line Inducing Particle) produced by P. ’reactans’ is a well known tolaasin blocking molecule; it could form insoluble precipitate with the toxin. Some members of the Acinetobacter, Bacillus, Pedobacter and Sphingobacterium genera are well known toxin neutralizing species. The background of this phenomenon is still unknown. Examination of produced inhibitors depending on the molecule type (protein-analysis, thin layer and high pressure chromatography) could help us in the understanding of these processes. In this study, we isolated different bacteria having strong competition abilities. The best non-mushroom pathogenic strains were identified by partial 16S rDNA sequence analysis.

Item Type: Article
Journal or Publication Title: Review on agriculture and rural development
Date: 2013
Volume: 2
Number: 1
ISSN: 2063-4803
Page Range: p. 514
Uncontrolled Keywords: Gombák - növénybetegségek - előadáskivonat
Additional Information: Összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2018. Jun. 19. 10:41
Last Modified: 2018. Jul. 26. 11:15

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