The forest-based sector in a new EU forest strategy 2015-2020

Crăciunescu, Adam; Moatăr, Ion; Stanciu, Sorin; Chisăliţă, Mihaela: The forest-based sector in a new EU forest strategy 2015-2020. Review on agriculture and rural development, (3) 1. pp. 116-120. (2014)

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The socio-economic importance of forests is high, but often underestimated. Forests contribute to rural development and provide around three million jobs. Wood is still the main source of financial revenue from forests. So the strategy also looks at the EU forest-based industries, subject to EU industrial policy. Wood is also considered an important source of raw material for emerging bio-based industries. Forest biomass is currently the most important source of renewable energy and now accounts for around half of the EU’s total renewable energy consumption. The strategy 2015-2020 and the implementation should build on existing legislation and international initiatives and consider the special situation of small forest owners, and address market-based private-sector tools such as certification. To deliver on common objectives and improve coherence and synergies, coordination with and between Member States is important. Member States are asked to consider the principles and goals of this strategy when setting up and implementing their action plans and national forest programmes.

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