Studies on the effect of the number of farrowed sows in heat per box

Petroman, Cornelia; Petroman, Ioan; Bidireac, Ionela; Bejan, Cornelia-Livia; Bogosel, B.; Marin, Diana; Lozici, Ana; Chirila, Cosmina: Studies on the effect of the number of farrowed sows in heat per box. Review on agriculture and rural development, (3) 1. pp. 156-159. (2014)

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This scientific paper has as main objective the way how the type of box influences the number of farrowed sow. The number of sows of the Landrace breed that are in heat after weaning the piglets, tidmatter the duration of lactation or the number of boxes they are located in, is considerably larger than that of oestrus sows during lactation. Animal density in the box obviously influenced the appearance of heat, the largest share being in sows located by seven, i.e. 96.25%, and the lowest one, 59.68%, was in the sows located in larger boxes (32 capita). Achieving high performances of production and reproduction in raising swine greatly depends on the way animals are taken care of and exploited, i.e. the shedding system, the exploitation technology, the building material of the sheds, inside equipment, and degree of mechanisation. In sows with a 35-day lactation, the share of post partum heat occurrence had close values (though somewhat smaller), oscillating between 19.52% and 23.33%.

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