A perifériáról a centrumba: '89 és a felsőoktatás világa : a társadalmi környezet, a hallgatói mozgalom melegágya

Jancsák Csaba: A perifériáról a centrumba: '89 és a felsőoktatás világa : a társadalmi környezet, a hallgatói mozgalom melegágya. In: '89 rendszerváltozások Kelet-Európában : konferenciakötet, (5). pp. 33-41. (2010)

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Hungarian higher education, due to the lack of autonomy and the centralised control of funds and the number of students and staff, gradually became isolated from different social subsystems by the Eighties while it only aimed to meet the objectives of planned economy. More and more people cried out for the need for change within education. Processes parallelly occurring in higher education and Central-Eastern-European societies made it clear that there would be no transformation without the change of roles and values. Throughout these processes the orientation of values and the patterns of youth action tended to diverge from accepted norms. University youth turned into trendsetters from followers. The most important feature in the new youth epoch was the growing importance of generational organising, namely the strengthening of youth autonomy. The Hungarian student movement gained impetus from several sides: partly from social-cultural reform ambitions, which mainly echoed the effervescence of Hungarian society, and partly from the need for higher educational reform initiated by young graduates and lecturers. The first student demonstration happened on 28 September 1988. After a day-long strike of the students of the Faculty of Arts (JATE—Szeged) and others a letter was drafted and sent to the Ministry of Education in which the students called for the reforming of Hungarian higher education. They got a response from the Ministry on 28 October which was rejected and the students started to organise another strike. There was a banner over the gate of the university on 23rd and 24th of November telling people: Strike! Relax, Mom, l Will Not Get Hurt. The auditorium of JATE was packed and university students formulated their claims such as: university autonomy, freedom of curricula, democracy at universities and efficient financing. Students from other Hungarian universities showed their solidarity by joining the demonstration. There had already been an existing and articulated need for the forming of a nationwide organisation representing student interests. As a result of this, the Hungarian Higher-Educational Alliance of Protection of Interests (OFÉSZ) became a matter-of-fact promoter of democratic transformation. Social, political and economic changes had a great effect on Hungarian higher education. Student movements played a significant role in the depoliticizing of education, the decentralisation of the administrative background of education and the restoration of institutional autonomy. New institutions and new forms of training came into being while the number of students increased drastically during the Nineties. Considering its size, the student movement could efficiently represent its power and influence nationwide educational politics. Later several political organisations came into being in the political-economic vacuum under the aegis of democracy and civil rights and tried to legitimise the new social-political order. And this is where the role of the student movement as a catalyst came to an end since its supporters did not wish to follow a party or take part in a trade union.

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Other title: From the periphery to the central: 89 and the world of higher education
Journal or Publication Title: '89 rendszerváltozások Kelet-Európában : konferenciakötet
Date: 2010
Volume: 5
ISSN: 1586-8036
Page Range: pp. 33-41
Series Name: Szakkollégiumi füzetek
Language: Hungarian, English
Event Title: Konferencia a rendszerváltozásokról (2009) (Szeged)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Politikai változások - Kelet-Európa - 1989, Felsőoktatás
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