A szabadkai gázgyár megváltása 1917-ben : községesítés a nagy háború idején

Fábián, Borbála: A szabadkai gázgyár megváltása 1917-ben : községesítés a nagy háború idején. In: Délvidéki szemle, (5) 1. pp. 101-114. (2018)

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After several decades of negotiations, in 1889, the gasworks in Szabadka (now: Subotica) was built by the United Gasworks of Augsburg, the company of the industrialist L. A. Riedinger from Augsburg. It was one of his four southern gas works companies in Hungary. The plant started to run on February 5, 1890, as the first gas lamps were lit. According to the contract, the city had the opportunity to buy the factory for a specified amount before the end of the contract for 50 years. In 1906, the city assembly decided to redeem the gasworks, but in return for the gas concessions offered by the gasworks, they waived the redemption for 10 years. In 1912, the mayor, dr. Károly Bíró also thought that the development of public lighting can be realized by the redemption of the gasworks. In 1916, the city was also involved in the idea of building a new power plant. Despite the world war, Szabadka succeeded in carrying out its earlier plan of gasworks redemption. Of the 32 urban gas works in Hungary, 13 were placed in city ownership before the First World War or were built inherently as city-owned gasworks. Redemption was not a simple process even in peacetime, for instance, Újvidék (Novi Sad) did not complete it in 1905. During the war, Kassa, Újvidék, Arad, and Sopron undertook similar tasks. The Szabadka gas plant was taken over at 9 am on October 31, 1917, with Alfonz Seereiner remaining the Director. After a five-month break, from 1st October it restarted supplying lighting gas until March, 1919.

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Journal or Publication Title: Délvidéki szemle
Date: 2018
Volume: 5
Number: 1
ISSN: 2416-223X
Page Range: pp. 101-114
Uncontrolled Keywords: Gázipar - Magyarország - regionális - 20. sz. eleje, Szabadka
Additional Information: Bibliogr. a jegyzetekben : p. 113-114. ; ill. ; összefoglalás angol nyelven
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