The appearance of children in a consumer society

Pap, Katalin: The appearance of children in a consumer society. In: New Ideas in a Changing World of Business Managament and Marketing. pp. 91-99. (2015)

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Nowadays, children’s appearance as costumers is becoming more and more important beside their role in the society. Their consumer habits differ from the habits of the young and adults, which justified the perspective to view children as an insular consumer target group. Children are not just present consumers, but also the influencers of their parents and peers, and future consumers as well, thus the special attention is justified. In addition, children consumer behavior researches reveal that consumer habits developed in childhood may have an effect on their future consumption, which requires a more detailed understanding of consumer habits of children. The study is based on previous studies and the goal is to give an overall picture about the process how children become consumers, along the main stages of consumer socialization in order to get to know the children, as consumers. Although, consumer socialization is a lifelong learning process, in this present study children are coming to the forefront. The central element of the consumer socialization is the family, in which the parents occupy a special position, but the role of siblings, peers and media are also not negligible. The latter is especially important, because number of studies revealed that free-time activities of children have changed over the years – because of the growth of the information society. While previously children spent their time with their friends outside, nowadays with the appearance of the newest computer tools, leisure activities shifted into indoors. Regarding the media usage habits it can be said that in many cases they use the new media more easily, than their parents and they often teach adult family members about the new opportunities. Based on these, it is important to note, that not only the environment has an impact on children, but children are also able to influence other people, such as their parents. Regarding this, in some cases parents can also learn from their children, which could have a consequence as a re-socialization process, when children could modify the consumer habits of their parents.

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Journal or Publication Title: New Ideas in a Changing World of Business Managament and Marketing
Date: 2015
Page Range: pp. 91-99
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