Nonhomogeneous fractional p-Kirchhoff problems involving a critical nonlinearity

Zuo, Jiabin and An, Tianqing and Ye, Guoju and Qiao, Zhenhua: Nonhomogeneous fractional p-Kirchhoff problems involving a critical nonlinearity.

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This paper is concerned with the existence of solutions for a kind of nonhomogeneous critical p-Kirchhoff type problem driven by an integro-differential operator L p K . In particular, we investigate the equation: M �ZZ R2n |v(x) − v(y)| p |x − y| n+ps dxdy� L p K v(x) = µg(x)|v| q−2 v + |v| p s −2 v + µ f(x) in R n where g(x) > 0, and f(x) may change sign, µ > 0 is a real parameter, 0 < s < 1 < p < ∞, dimension n > ps, 1 < q < p < p s , p s = np n−ps is the critical exponent of the fractional Sobolev space W s,p K (Rn ). By exploiting Ekeland’s variational principle, we show the existence of non-trivial solutions. The main feature and difficulty of this paper is the fact that M may be zero and lack of compactness at critical level L p s (Rn Our conclusions improve the related results on this topic.

Item Type: Journal
Publication full: Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations
Date: 2019
Number: 41
ISSN: 1417-3875
Page Range: pp. 1-15
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kirchhoff problémák, Differenciálegyenlet
Additional Information: Bibliogr.: p. 13-15. ; összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2019. Sep. 27. 13:34
Last Modified: 2020. Jul. 29. 12:24

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