Az arcokon látható érzelmek hatása a vizuális keresési teljesítményre

Cseh, Rebecca and Zsidó, András Róbert: Az arcokon látható érzelmek hatása a vizuális keresési teljesítményre. In: Móra Akadémia, (7). pp. 214-226. (2019)

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Our goal was to explore the effects of different, evolutionarily important facial expressions on the visual search performance. As a target, emotional faces were used in several studies to investigate visual processing, but due to methodological inconsistences the results were contradictory. In the present study we are testing a new visual search paradigm which hopefully will show its utility to be used in this field. We worked with four expressions which are considered relevant according to the literature; happy, angry (direct threat), scared (indirect threat) and neutral (as control). The participants saw both female and male faces. We used two presentation times (100 or 250 ms) and after the faces a number matrix appeared. The participants’ task was to find the numbers from 1 to 10 in ascending order. We had two questionnaires to measure their social anxiety and the actual level of anxiety. The emotionally charged faces distracted the attention during the first response (finding the first number), but the overall task performance was better if the stimuli was presented longer (250 ms) not minding the type of the stimuli. Social anxiety played role when scared faces were presented. People with high social anxiety score detected the first number faster after a scared face. Compared to the previous researches we found no effects related to happy expressions.

Item Type: Book Section
Other title: The effects of facial expressions on the visual search performance
Heading title: Pszichológia, pedagógia
Journal or Publication Title: Móra Akadémia
Date: 2019
Volume: 7
ISSN: 2064-809X
Page Range: pp. 214-226
Uncontrolled Keywords: Arckifejezés - pszichológia
Additional Information: Bibliogr.: p. 223-225. és a lábjegyzetekben ; ill. ; összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2019. Nov. 13. 12:34
Last Modified: 2019. Nov. 13. 12:34

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