Az oktatás és felnőttképzés identitáserősítő szerepe a Vajdaságban

Gábrity Molnár, Irén: Az oktatás és felnőttképzés identitáserősítő szerepe a Vajdaságban. In: Nemzetiségi - nemzeti - európai identitás. pp. 106-114. (2009)

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The educational programs of Serbian schools are rigid and its conservative professionalizing system has resulted the hopeless situation of the unemployed. The Hungarian community’s situation on the basis of their willingness to further educate and labor market opportunities is much worse in comparison to the majority nation. It is essential that the Hungarian educational institutions cooperate with the representatives of the Department of Employment and the employers when planning the offer of professions in the region inhabited by Hungarians in North Vojvodina. When modeling the adult education the following principles have to be taken into consideration: wide, flexible, practical educational programs that follow the market needs. It is important that the Hungarian elite of Vojvodina formulate their idea about the human resource development of the region. It is advisable to closer the Hungarian professional education towards the standards of the unifying European secondary school and higher educational systems. The education in mother-tongue has two effects on the identity of Hungarians in Vojvodina: first, it influences the formation of the professional identities (as the choice of profession depends on the educational language), second, it is essential for the preservation of the national identity (the Hungarian educational language and education has a direct effect on the national identity and has a community building role, as well).

Item Type: Article
Heading title: Az oktatás és a felnőttképzés identitáserősítő jelentősége
Journal or Publication Title: Nemzetiségi - nemzeti - európai identitás
Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-963-482-962-1
Page Range: pp. 106-114
Event Title: Nemzetiségi - nemzeti - európai identitás (2008) (Szeged)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Kisebbség - magyar - Vajdaság, Oktatás, Felnőttoktatás, Nemzeti tudat - magyar, Identitás
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