Nemzetiségi identitás és mindennapi kultúra

T. Molnár, Gizella: Nemzetiségi identitás és mindennapi kultúra. Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák: új utakon a Pedagógusképző Kar című konferencia előadásai. pp. 277-282. (2009)

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The most significant problem for Hungarian minorities is assimilation and the loss of identity: the role of the ethnic language, the cementing force of ethnic culture, has considerably weakened, despite the fact that after the changing of the political system in Hungary in 1989, the process seemed to be slowing down. Assimilation is a very complex process, and it can often be explained by a variety of natural causes. The mutual interrelatedness of cuitures, living side by side and their possible mingling are well-known facts in cultural history. Minority cuitures can enrich the culture of the majority, but most frequently the dominant culture and language have the more significant impact on the minority, thus its culture and language are forced into the background. This process is sometimes accelerated by other factors, including the growing number of mixed marriages or the effects of urbanization. These phenomena after a time might lead to a gradual identity loss in themselves, but for the minorities forced assimilation is much more abrupt and dangerous. The spectacular loss of identity of Hungarian ethnic minorities and the decrease in the use of minority languages are to be explained within the framework of historical and political context. It was the decades after World War II when forced assimilation afflicted the minorities of Hungary and most ethnic groups were affected. Partly as a result of historical and political events, partly for other socio-cultural reasons, national minorities in Hungary underwent powerful assimilation or, at least, have a dual identity, and practically lost their national minority language. At the same time, nowadays national minority languages and cultures as well as minority identity have become more valuable in several respects. It is the responsibility of the majority population and the government what direction this process is going to take and which effect will be more powerful.

Item Type: Article
Other title: Ethnic identity and everyday culture
Event Title: Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák : új utakon a pedagógusképző kar (2007) (Szeged)
Journal or Publication Title: Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák: új utakon a Pedagógusképző Kar című konferencia előadásai
Date: 2009
Page Range: pp. 277-282
ISBN: 978-963-9927-15-5
Heading title: Sporttudomány és a kultúra
Uncontrolled Keywords: Nemzeti tudat, Kisebbség - német - Magyarország - 20. sz.
Additional Information: Bibliogr. a lábjegyzetekben ; összefoglalás angol nyelven
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