A spanyol polgárháború : 70 év távlatából

Zalai, Anita: A spanyol polgárháború : 70 év távlatából. Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák: új utakon a Pedagógusképző Kar című konferencia előadásai. pp. 435-438. (2009)

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Learning from the monstrosities of the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War, after Franco’s death in 1975, the new generations did all they could to avoid such bloody events. This led to the policy of compromises, which meant the opponents made a deal: all disagreements should be settled via consensus and memorandum, and not with the annihilation of the opponent. The care of this informal agreement was the development of certain taboos, which also meant that each political party gave up its earlier Cardinal ideas. Founding the Spanish democracy, the past itself became one of these taboos, as it was recognised that the future cannot be built upon the past, as this would only lead to another civil-war situation. This is the reason why no party used- or rather, has used historical argumentation. However, having won the 2004 elections, the Socialist Worker’s Party (PSOE) thought it was time to face the past, and established an interministerial committee, the goal of which was the examination and compensation of victims of the civil war. After the 70th anniversary of the 1936 coup, the reconstruction of historical memories has become a „hot issue” in political life. Never has the topic been paid so much attention in the different media - newspapers, round-table discussions and television. The whole country took a stand -each side to protect its own historical memories.

Item Type: Article
Other title: The Spanish civil war - from a 70-year perspective
Event Title: Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák : új utakon a pedagógusképző kar (2007) (Szeged)
Journal or Publication Title: Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák: új utakon a Pedagógusképző Kar című konferencia előadásai
Date: 2009
Page Range: pp. 435-438
ISBN: 978-963-9927-15-5
Heading title: Zenetudomány és társadalomismeret
Uncontrolled Keywords: Polgárháború - spanyol - 1936-1939, Spanyolország története - 1936-1939
Additional Information: Bibliogr. a lábjegyzetekben ; összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2019. Dec. 09. 08:37
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