Föderalizmus és Európai Unió

Szénási Éva: Föderalizmus és Európai Unió.

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The thought of the federal based union of Europe has been there in history for a long time. The fact that the topic of federalism has come to the front is closely connected with the future of the European Union and the discussions concerning the possible ways and methods of political integration. As a result of my analysis I can State that the classical definitions of federation is not completely relevant to describe the political form of the European Union. Since it is such a mixed, hybrid formation which does not follow the developing process of the classical federations on several points. That is where the diverse definitions, conceptions and explanations concerning the political integration forms derive. However, only such an interpretation made by the European Union could ease the tension, which would break with the so - called ‘nicely working' categories. Today in the political vocabulary of the European Union, the fear of the deprival of sovereignty, the fear of suffering damage on national interests and of the weakening prestige of the government are still strongly present. These are concerns, which cannot be balanced by such federative values as loyalty, participation, subsidiary, consensus, shared sovereignty or the autonomy. And this State will remain for a long time no matter that we consider the European Union as a new political model or we try to classify it into already present categories.

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Other title: Federalism and the European Union
Heading title: Zenetudomány és társadalomismeret
Journal or Publication Title: Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák: új utakon a Pedagógusképző Kar című konferencia előadásai
Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-963-9927-15-5
Page Range: pp. 445-451
Event Title: Tudományos és művészeti műhelymunkák : új utakon a pedagógusképző kar (2007) (Szeged)
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