A várnagy és a püspök : fehérvári johannita preceptorok karrierje a 15. század második felében

Ribi, András: A várnagy és a püspök : fehérvári johannita preceptorok karrierje a 15. század második felében. In: Középkortörténeti tanulmányok, (10). pp. 95-115. (2018)

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As long as in the last sixty years 13 commanders followed each other as the head of the Hospitallers' Preceptory of Székesfehérvár, in the period of 1451—1490 only two Preceptors led the Convent: John of Gút and Stephan of Simontornya. Up to this point the Preceptory regained its 14th-century-influence from the Priors of Vrana, moreover the Convent of Székesfehérvár survived an unsuccessful reform attempt of Rhodes. The last Preceptor of foreign origin, Peter of Rhodes left the Convent in 1450, and from the next year the command was taken over by John of Gút (1451—1468), castellan of Szávaszentdemeter and an ally of John Hunyadi. As long as his preceptorship passed with the recuperation of the Convent's estates in Tolna County from the Priors of Vrana and the recruitment of new members, the administration of his successor, Stephan of Simontornya was the golden age for the Preceptory (1468-1490). The place of authentication with countrywide jurisdiction activity of the Convent consummated in this period, and the numbers of people in the Preceptory were the highest also. Stephan — who was bom with the titular episcopal title of Hebron between 1482 and 1485 — commanded not just the Preceptory of Székesfehérvár, but all of them in the NorthernTransdanubia region: he appointed the Preceptors of Esztergom, Győr and Sopron who have been taken part in the place of authentication work later.

Item Type: Article
Other title: The castellan and the bishop : the career of hospitaller preceptors of Székesfehérvár in the second half of the 15th century
Heading title: Egyházi intézménytörténet, karrierek
Journal or Publication Title: Középkortörténeti tanulmányok
Date: 2018
Volume: 10
ISBN: 978-963-315-376-5
Page Range: pp. 95-115
Event Title: Medievisztikai PhD-konferencia (10.) (2017) (Szeged)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Máltai lovagrend története - 15. sz.
Additional Information: Bibliogr.: p. 110-114. és a lábjegyzetekben ; összefoglalás angol nyelven
Date Deposited: 2020. Feb. 17. 12:43
Last Modified: 2020. Feb. 17. 12:43
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