Rhétorportrék az idősebb Seneca művében

Szikora Patricia: Rhétorportrék az idősebb Seneca művében.

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In the early years of the Empire declamatio became a popular and remarkable feature of the literary life in Rome. As schoolboys and professional teachers of rhetoric, amateur adults as well declaimed controversiae and suasoriae to practice and to show their rhetorical skills, often beyond the school. In the case of suasoria one gives an advice to mythical or historical figures facing momentous decisions; controversiae are speeches in imaginary court cases. Sitting in the audience the Elder Seneca listened to his friends declaiming in public and in private as well. Later as an old man remembering his youth he wrote his rhetorical collection that we call Controversiae et Suasoriae. From the preface 1 we know that the task he set to himself was to present the best declaimers of his time for his sons through sententiae, divisiones and colores. He gives some examples to follow or to avoid. He introduces orators who spoke effusively and overwhelmed by emotion or colourlessly and languidly. The Elder Seneca tries to demonstrate that the rise of declamatio is in rapport with the decline of oratory and points out the difference between the forensic oratory and rhetorical declamation. However, he blesses his contemporaries personally and he is able to accept the changes of the early Empire. His work is an appreciable help to study the prose of the age of Augustus and to examine the rhetorical, pedagogical and judicial transitions, as well.

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Other title: Rhetorical portraits in the elder Seneca's work
Journal or Publication Title: Enargeia : a Collegium Hungaricum Societatis Europaeae Studiosorum Philologiae Classicae VII. Országos Konferenciáján elhangzott előadások
Date: 2013
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Seneca Lucius Annaeus
Event Title: Collegium Hungaricum Societatis Europaeae Studiosorum Philologiae Classicae : Országos konferencia
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Event Dates: 2012. május 22-23.
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