Gondolatok és felvetések a római és görög építészet kapcsolatáról

Horti Gábor: Gondolatok és felvetések a római és görög építészet kapcsolatáról.

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The comparison of Roman and Greek architecture can lead to interesting conclusions. The topic of such a comparison dates back to ancients times, Polybius was the first to correlate the elements of architecture of the named peoples. Unfortunately, due to the novelty of the topic, I was unable to complete my research thoroughly; my piece of writing is only an initiation of the question, the raising of problems, issues. The main points of contrast in the present article are the fortifications. The fortified sites of Attica and their Roman parallels were compared. The main aim was to identify similarities of the identical types of fortifications. Both in Roman and Greek fortress building, smaller forts and fortified civilian towns, cities can be found. But there is no parallel to Roman legionary fortresses in Greek architecture so far. The enquiry of both Greek and Roman tower types may lead to a successful comparison and to a conclusion. No other points of building elements can be compared so far, there is no correspondence between the two cultures. The main point in comparing Roman and Greek towns and cities is the ground plan of the sites. According to Polybius the regularity of the ground plan can be derived from the Roman people. The author states that Greek architects began to design regular towns after observing their Roman contemporaries. This can be partly proved, but the question needs further research. The comparison of Roman and Greek architecture is a very complex issue. According to a short research, there are several similarities, but a lot more differences after the comparison of the examined elements. The issue needs further research.

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Other title: Thoughts and proposes about Roman and Greek architecture
Journal or Publication Title: Enargeia : a Collegium Hungaricum Societatis Europaeae Studiosorum Philologiae Classicae VII. Országos Konferenciáján elhangzott előadások
Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-963-306-199-2
Page Range: pp. 96-99
Language: Hungarian, English
Event Title: Collegium Hungaricum Societatis Europaeae Studiosorum Philologiae Classicae : Országos konferencia
Event Type: Conference
Event Location: Szeged
Event Dates: 2012. május 22-23.
Related URLs: http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/71173/
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