Kivételek a casum sentit dominus elve alól a commodatumnál

Csoknya Tünde Éva: Kivételek a casum sentit dominus elve alól a commodatumnál.

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The study focuses on the examination of those cases where there is no possibility to apply the general rule of periculum, the principle of casum sentit dominus at the loan for use (commodatum). The legal cases taken from the Digest serve as a guide of this study in the course of presenting the exceptions and legal consequences. First of all, it seems necessary to clarify the meaning of the term periculum based on the sources of the Digest and some authors. In addition, I find it reasonable to distinguish the conception of periculum vis maioris and periculum custodiae. Although the risk of the destruction caused by vis maior is usually taken not by the borrower (commodatarius) of the object, excellent examples can be found for the risk of commodatarius as well: Sed interdum et mortis damnum ad eum qui commodatum rogavit pertinet. 73 As the liability of commodatarius extends to custodia, according to the general rules he is also responsible for casus minor. Thus, when the question of periculum arises regarding commodatum, we should mean periculum vis maioris by that. The general rules are followed by the review of exceptional cases to the principle of casum sentit dominus at commodatum. We investigate the issue concerning the use diverging from the agreement – pointing out the legal case of Ulpian in D. 13,6,5,7 –, furthermore the transference to a third person, the divergence from proper use (Ulp. D. 13,6,3,6), the negligent behaviour of commodatarius (Ulp. D. 13,6,5,4) and the case of receipt at an assessed value (Ulp. D. 13,6,5,3).

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item
Other title: Exceptions to the Principle of casum sentit dominus at the Roman Loan for use
Journal or Publication Title: Alapelvek és alapjogok
Date: 2015
Volume: 5
ISSN: 2063-3807
ISBN: 978-963-306-404-7
Page Range: pp. 103-112
Series Name: Szegedi Jogász Doktorandusz Konferenciák
Language: Hungarian, English
Place of Publication: Szeged
Event Title: Alapelvek és alapjogok (2014) (Szeged)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Haszonkölcsön - szerződés, Kötelmi jog
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