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Bérczi, Szaniszló and Szakmány, György: Petrographic studies on the NASA Lunar Sample thin section set: II. : various counterparts from the terrestrial, chondritic (NIPR) and artificial ceramic samples. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (45) 2. pp. 15-19. (2004)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Józsa, Sándor and Kovács, Zsolt I. and Lukács, Béla and Szakmány, György: Studies of the thermal evolution of a chondritic asteroidal body: synthesis from the Antarctic meteorite thin section set of the National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (45) 2. pp. 55-60. (2004)

Földi, Tivadar and Bérczi, Szaniszló and Palásti, Erzsébet: Experimental instrument on hunveyor for collecting bacteria by their electrostatic coagulation with dust grains (Foeldix): observation of electrostatical precipitated coagulated units in a nutrient detector pattern. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (44). pp. 19-22. (2003)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Józsa, Sándor: Petrographic studies on the NASA Lunar Sample thin section set: I. : the textural sequence of the basaltic samples and thier description by cellular automata mosaic model and tentative TTT-diagram. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (44). pp. 57-60. (2003)

Földi, Tivadar and Bérczi, Szaniszló: Electrostatic modelling of the lunar soil - how electrostatic processes in the lunar dust may generate tho ion-cloud levitating above the surface on the moon - experiments in a model instruments. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (43). pp. 55-58. (2002)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Lukács, Béla: Existence, survival and recognition of icy meteorites on Antarctica with respect to palaeotemperatures. In: Acta climatologica, (34-35). pp. 51-68. (2001)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Holba, Ágnes and Lukács, Béla: On the thermodynamics of meteorites and parent bodies III. : basaltic achondritesin an increasing SIO2 sequence and comparison of the role of diogenites and komatiites in planetary evolution. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (41). pp. 155-173. (2000)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Gál-Sólymos, Kamilla and Holba, Ágnes and Lukács, Béla and Martinás, Katalin: On the thermodynamics of meteorites and parent bodies II. : from chondrites through the primitive achondrite verities (stage A and stage B) to the basaltic achondrites. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (40). pp. 175-198. (1999)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Lukács, Béla and Holba, Ágnes and Kiss, A. and Papp, É.: From FeO reduction to percolation and outflow of iron: thermal evolution of chondrite parent bodies. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (39). pp. 87-105. (1998)

Kubovics, Imre and Bérczi, Szaniszló and Ditrói-Puskás, Zuard and Gál-Sólymos, Kamilla and Nagy, Béla and Szabó, A.: Preliminary report of Kaposfüred a new iron meteorite from Hungary. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (38). pp. 111-117. (1997)

Lukács, Béla and Bérczi, Szaniszló: Some notes to the Permotriassic climate implications from mammalogenesis. In: Acta climatologica, (31/a). pp. 37-50. (1997)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Lukács, Béla: The water-ammonia symmetry of amino acids : constraints on paleoatmospheres. In: Acta climatologica, (30). pp. 5-30. (1996)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Holba, Ágnes and Lukács, Béla: Evolution of chondritic parent bodies I. Correlation among ferrous components. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (36). pp. 143-152. (1995)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Lukács, Béla: Solvent liquids on planets. In: Acta climatologica, (28-29). pp. 5-22. (1995)

Bérczi, Szaniszló: Double-layered equation of motion: Platonic-Archimedian spherical cellular automata in the solution of the indirect Con-Neumann Problem on sphere for transformations of regular tesselations. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (34). pp. 99-117. (1993)

Bérczi, Szaniszló: Preparations for the meassurements of gas-hydrate crystal clouds in the outer solar system. In: Acta climatologica, (27). pp. 5-16. (1993)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Szabó, Cs.: Liesegang layered clinopyroxene megacryst inclusion from Szentbékkálla, Balaton Highland, Hungary : in memoriam Dr. János Bérczi. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (30). pp. 5-17. (1989)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Koch, Antal: Reminiscent of an old book: "Critical review of minerals from Transylvania" by A. Koch, Kolozsvár, 1885 : Proofs for the existence of anorthite-spinel-garnet peridotite series of inclusions in basalts of the Persányi Mountains Transylvania, Roumania. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (29). pp. 139-143. (1987)

Bérczi, Szaniszló and Bérczi, János: Rare earth element content in the Szentbékkála series of peridotite inclusions. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (28). pp. 61-74. (1986)

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