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Dömösi, Pál and Gáll, József and Horváth, Géza and Tihanyi, Norbert: Statistical analysis of DH1 cryptosystem. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 371-378. (2017)

Dömösi, Pál and Fazekas, Szilárd and Ito, Masami: On Chomsky Hierarchy of Palindromic Languages. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 703-713. (2016)

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Herman, Gabor T. and Hantos, Zoltán M. and Klukovits, Lajos and Pávó, Imre and Ádám, András and Kling, U. and Máté, A. and Szűcs, J. and Bellmann, K. and Gössel, Michael and Móricz, Ferenc and Muszka, Dániel and Sára, Attila and Bagyinszki, János and Révész, György and Ferenczy, F. and Pellionisz, András and Forgó, Ferenc and G. Varga, Annamária and Péter, Rózsa and Demetrovics, János and Papp, B. and Dömösi, Pál and Kämmerer, Wilhelm and Vida, E. and Iliev, Lubomir Georgiev: Rezûm statej pervogo toma Acta Cybernetica. Acta cybernetica, (1) 4. pp. 273-282. (1972)

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