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Demetrovics, János and Quang, Hoang Minh and Thi, Vu Duc and Anh, Nguyen Viet: An efficient method to reduce the size of consistent decision tables. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 1039-1054. (2018)

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Demetrovics, János and Hannák, László: The cardinality of closed sets in pre-complete classes in k-valued logics. Acta cybernetica, (4) 3. pp. 273-277. (1979)

Demetrovics, János: O sravnenii predel'nyh logik pri modelirovanii v nih konečno-značnyh logik. Acta cybernetica, (2) 4. pp. 307-312. (1976)

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