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Ferenczy, Lajos and Zsolt, János and Lantos, Judit: Screening for antibacterial, antifungal and antiphage substances in higher plants. Acta biologica, (18) 1-4. pp. 93-116. (1972)

Rezk, Malak R. and Ferenczy, Lajos: Growth Inhibiting Activity of Some Steroid Glycoalkaloids on Higher Plants. Acta biologica, (15) 1-4. pp. 71-78. (1969)

Ferenczy, Lajos: Studies on the antimicrobial activity of N-substituted maleimidcs. II. Further examinations on N-phenylmaleimide and related compounds. Acta biologica, (7) 3-4. pp. 75-80. (1961)

Ferenczy, Lajos and Göndös, György and Procs, Tibor and Zsolt, János: Über das Vorkommen von antimikrobiellen Verbindungen in Heilpflanzen. Acta biologica, (7) 3-4. pp. 69-73. (1961)

Matkovics, Béla and Földeák, Sándor and Ferenczy, Lajos: The synthesis and reduction of 3-indolylacetonitrile. Acta physica et chemica, (7) 1-2. pp. 51-54. (1961)

Zsolt, János and Ferenczy, Lajos: No inhibition of pigment production by diphenylamine in Candida pulcherrima (Lindner) Windisch. Acta biologica, (4). pp. 65-66. (1958)

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Ferenczy, Lajos: Examinations on germination- arid growthinhibiting effect of some seed-extracts. Acta biologica, (3) 1-4. pp. 7-10. (1957)

Ferenczy, Lajos: Further investigations on antibiotics of seeds. I. Antibacterial agents in Umbelliferae seeds. Acta biologica, (3) 1-4. pp. 141-143. (1957)

Ferenczy, Lajos and Graza, L. and Szalai, István: Studies on the selective germination inhibiting effect of 2-methy 1—1, 4-naphtochinon. Acta biologica, (3) 1-4. pp. 3-5. (1957)

Ferenczy, Lajos: Antibacterial substance in seeds of Fraxinus excelsior L. Acta biologica, (2) 1-4. pp. 13-14. (1956)

Ferenczy, Lajos: Untersuchungen über die Keimungverhältnisse und Stimulation des Hundszahns (Cynodon Dactylon [L.] Pers.) Berücksichtigung der Begrasungs- Frage. Acta biologica, (2) 1-4. pp. 15-22. (1956)

Ferenczy, Lajos and Gulyás, Sándor: Untersuchungen über die künstliche Peridermbildung der Kartoffelknollen. Acta biologica, (2) 1-4. pp. 23-27. (1956)

Ferenczy, Lajos: The dormacy and germination of seeds of the fraxinus excelsior L. Acta biologica, (1) 1-4. pp. 17-24. (1955)

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