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Kedves, Miklós and Szónoky, Miklós and Gulyás, Sándor: Combined investigations on Hungarian Neogene lignites. Plant cell biology and development, (11). pp. 79-98. (2000)

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Zsoldos, Ferenc and Gulyás, Sándor: Changes induced by chilling in the ion uptake, growth and anatomical structure of rice roots. Acta biologica, (25) 1-2. pp. 69-76. (1979)

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Pálfi, Gábor and Gulyás, Sándor and Somogyi, Géza: Uber einige morphologische und physiologische Eigenschaften der mittels Colchicinbehandlung induzierten tetraploiden Paprikapflanzen. Acta biologica, (13) 3-4. pp. 75-88. (1967)

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Gulyás, Sándor: Untersuchungen an der Blattepidermis der Selaginelle. Acta biologica, (7) 3-4. pp. 15-24. (1961)

Ferenczy, Lajos and Gulyás, Sándor: Untersuchungen über die künstliche Peridermbildung der Kartoffelknollen. Acta biologica, (2) 1-4. pp. 23-27. (1956)

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