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Harka, Ákos: Changes in the fish fauna of the River Tisza. In: Tiscia 35. pp. 65-72. (2004)

Harka, Ákos and Sallai, Zoltán and Wilhelm, Sándor: Effects of water pollution and global warming on the fish fauna of the Romanian tributaries of the River Tisza. In: Tiscia 33. pp. 51-58. (2002)

Harka, Ákos and Györe, Károly and Lengyel, P.: Growth of the golden spined loach [Sabanejewia aurata (Filippi, 1865)] in River Tisza (Eastern Hungary). In: Tiscia 33. pp. 45-49. (2002)

Harka, Ákos: Changes in the growth of pike perch (Stizostedion hicioperta) in the area of Lake-Tisza. In: Tiscia 26. pp. 9-12. (1991)

Harka, Ákos: Growth of different forms of carp (cyprinus carpio L.) in Kisköre storage-lake. In: Tiscia 25. pp. 59-64. (1990)

Harka, Ákos and Pintér, Károly: Systematic status of Hungarian bullhead pout: ictalurus nebulosus pannonicus ssp. n. In: Tiscia 25. pp. 65-73. (1990)

Harka, Ákos: Growth of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) in the Kisköre storage lake. In: Tiscia 24. pp. 79-86. (1989)

Harka, Ákos: Ichthyological and piscatorial problems at the Kisköre water basin. In: Tiscia 20. pp. 117-126. (1986)

Harka, Ákos: New member in the fish fauna of the river Tisza : the Balon stickleback (Gimnocephalus baloni Holčik et Hensel 1974). In: Tiscia 19. pp. 179-182. (1984)

Harka, Ákos: Growth of pike (Esox lucius L.) in the section of the Tisza river at Tiszafüred. In: Tiscia 18. pp. 105-114. (1983)

Harka, Ákos: Relation between body weight and body length of the wels or waller (Silurus glanis L.) in the Tisza reaches at Tiszafüred. In: Tiscia 15. pp. 103-106. (1980)

Harka, Ákos: Growth of pike-perch (Lucioperca Lucioperca L.) in the Tisza stretch at Tiszafüred. In: Tiscia 12. pp. 109-115. (1977)

Harka, Ákos: Investigation of the relation between body length and body weight of the pike-perch (lucioperca lucioperca L.) in the Tisza-stretch at Tiszafüred. In: Tiscia 10. pp. 77-80. (1975)

Harka, Ákos: Study of the fish population in the region of the second series of locks on the Tisza (1970-1973). In: Tiscia 9. pp. 125-143. (1974)

Harka, Ákos: Data of the fish population in the living Tisza. In: Tiscia 7. pp. 79-85. (1972)

Book Section

Wilhelm, Sándor and Harka, Ákos and Sallai, Zoltán: The prevailing anthropogenic effects on certain smaller Northwestern Romanian rivers. In: Ecological aspects of the Tisa River Basin : 10 years anniversary regional conference 21nd - 24th March 2002., Târgu Mureş, Romania 6. pp. 187-198. (2002)

Harka, Ákos and Banarescu, Petru M.: Fish fauna of the Upper Tisa. In: The Upper Tisa valley : preparatory proposal for Ramsar site designation and an ecological background Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian and Ukrainian co-operation 4. pp. 439-454. (1999)

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