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Ditrói-Puskás, Zuard and Gál-Sólymos, Kamilla and Kubovics, Imre and Nagy-Balogh, Judit and Nagy, B.: Some pegmatophile and siderophile element enrichments in mafic and ultramafic rocks in Hungary. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (41). p. 31. (2000)

Abdel-Karim, Abdel-Aal Mohamed and Kubovics, Imre and Molnár, Zs.: Geochemistry, mineral chemistry and tectonic settings of the older granitoids from East of El-Tor, SW-Sinai, Egypt. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (40). pp. 77-96. (1999)

Puskás, Zuard and Nagy-Balogh, Judit and Kubovics, Imre and Nagy, Béla and Hoffmann, László: Rare alkali elements in the Hungarian geological formations: a comprehensive study. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (39). pp. 77-86. (1998)

Kubovics, Imre and Bérczi, Szaniszló and Ditrói-Puskás, Zuard and Gál-Sólymos, Kamilla and Nagy, Béla and Szabó, A.: Preliminary report of Kaposfüred a new iron meteorite from Hungary. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (38). pp. 111-117. (1997)

Kubovics, Imre and Abdel-Karim, Abdel-Aal Mohamed: Crystallization of amphiboles in the Kid volcanic complex, Southern Sinai, Egypt: implications for magma evolution. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (36). pp. 17-33. (1995)

Kubovics, Imre and Abdel-Karim, Abdel-Aal Mohamed: Piedmont, Rechnitz and Meliata zone: a petrographic-geochemical comparison of metamorphic ophiolites of the Alpine-Carpathian. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (33). pp. 37-55. (1992)

Kubovics, Imre and Andó, József and Szakmány, György: Comparative petrology and geochemistry of highpressure metamorphic rocks from Eastern Cuba and Western Alps. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (30). pp. 35-54. (1989)

Kubovics, Imre and Abdel-Karim, Abdel-Aal Mohamed: Geochemistry of some HP-metavolcanics from Western Alps metaophiolites. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (30). pp. 55-65. (1989)

Kubovics, Imre and Árgyelán, G. B. and Szabó, Cs. and Solymos, K. G.: Geochemical investigation of olivines from alkali basalt and their xenolithes (Nógrád-Gömör region, Hungary). In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (29). pp. 35-46. (1987)

Ravasz, Csaba and Kubovics, Imre and Pantó, György and Seim, Rolf and Sztrókay, Kálmán Imre and Grasselly, Gyula and Nemecz, Ernő and Mezősi, József and Székyné Fux, Vilma: Book reviews. In: Acta mineralogica-petrographica, (20) 1. pp. 169-176. (1971)

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