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Cikk, tanulmány, mű

Bodnár, Károly; Makra, László; Bodnárné Skobrák, Erika: Új állattenyésztési ágazat Magyarországon : a tejhasznú bivaly = New direction of the Hungarian livestock sector : the dairy buffaloes. Közép-európai közlemények, (10) 2. pp. 142-147. (2017)

Bodnár, Károly; Makra, László; Skobrák Bodnár, Erika: Technological recommendations in rabbit production: some factors of housing conditions. Review on agriculture and rural development, (5) 1-2. pp. 132-138. (2016)

Makra, László; Matyasovszky, István; Bodnár, Károly; Tusnády, Gábor: The origin and worldwide distribution of regweed- a review. Review on agriculture and rural development, (3) 2. pp. 395-413. (2014)

Csépe, Zoltán; Matyasovszky, István; Makra, László; Sümeghy, Zoltán: Association between extreme daily pollen concentrations for Szeged, Hungary and previous-day meteorological elements. Acta climatologica, (46). pp. 73-81. (2012)

Csépe, Zoltán; Makra, László; Matyasovszky, István; Páldy, Anna: Association of extreme high and low temperatures and precipitation totals with daily and annual pollen concentrations of ambrosia and populus in Szeged, southern Hungary. Acta climatologica, (46). pp. 51-59. (2012)

Makra, László; Matyasovszky, István; Csépe, Zoltán; Báló, Barnabás: Association of sociodemographic and environment al factors with allergic rhinitis and asthma. Acta climatologica, (46). pp. 33-49. (2012)

Deák, József Áron; Makra, László; Matyasovszky, István; Csépe, Zoltán; Muladi, Beáta: Climate sensitivity analysis of allergenic taxa in Central Europe with new ecological indicators. Acta climatologica, (46). pp. 83-105. (2012)

Csépe, Zoltán; Matyasovszky, István; Makra, László; Oláh, Róbert: Influence of meteorological elments ![elements] to interdiurnal variability of ragweed (ambroisa) pollen concentrations. Acta climatologica, (46). pp. 61-72. (2012)

Unger, János; Bárány-Kevei, Ilona; Gál, Tamás; Gulyás, Ágnes; Koppány, György; Makra, László; Sümeghy, Zoltán; Tanács, Eszter: The department of climatology and landscape ecology of the University of Szeged is 60 years old : from the beginning to present. Acta climatologica, (46). pp. 7-31. (2012)

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Tombácz, Szintia; Eötvös, Tekla; Makra, László: Environmental and social conditions of asthma and rhinitis. Acta climatologica, (42-43). pp. 159-173. (2009)

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Makra, László; Sánta, Tamás; Matyasovszky, István: Long-range transport of PM10 : Part 2. Acta climatologica, (42-43). pp. 107-119. (2009)

Makra, László; Puskás T., Márta; Tanács, Eszter: A commemoration of György Péczely late chairholder professor of the Department of Climatology, József Attila University at the 80th jubilee of his birth and the 25th jubilee of his death. Acta climatologica, (42-43). pp. 79-95. (2009)

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Makra, László; Juhász, Miklós; Borsos, Emőke; Béczi, Rita: Légszennyezettség-kutatások Szegeden. Földrajzi tanulmányok, (1). pp. 67-81. (2007)

Makra, László; Sümeghy, Zoltán: Objective analysis and ranking of Hungarian cities, with different classification techniques : part 1 : methodology. Acta climatologica, (40-41). pp. 79-89. (2007)

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Péczely, G.; Makra, László: Winter and summer temperature periodicities in Budapest. Acta climatologica, (16-17). pp. 89-93. (1980)

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