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Pálfi, Gábor and Gulyás, Sándor and Rajki, Sándor: Correlations of the quality of the pollen grains with the temporal sequence of pollen dispersion in the different parts of the inflorescences. Acta biologica, (34) 1-4. pp. 27-33. (1988)

Pálfi, Gábor: The prolinee test — a method to the demonstration of the tolerance of waterdeficiency and of frost and to the qualification of pollens. Acta biologica, (34) 1-4. pp. 11-25. (1988)

Pálfi, Gábor and Gulyás, Sándor and Szöllősi, István: Concentration of proline in pollens: a new taxonomical index. Acta biologica, (33) 1-4. pp. 25-34. (1987)

Gulyás, Sándor and Pálfi, Gábor: Proline-type pollens and their vitality in the Rosaceae and the species of other families. Acta biologica, (32) 1-4. pp. 9-18. (1986)

Pálfi, Gábor and Gulyás, Sándor: Rapid determination of pollen fertility of two insect pollinated plant species by staining with the aid of proline-isatin reaction. Acta biologica, (31) 1-4. pp. 49-53. (1985)

Pálfi, Gábor: Angaben über die biologische und heilende Wirkung der Hévizer Torfmoorschlamm-Derivate und ihrer Hummusstoffe. Acta biologica, (30) 1-4. pp. 39-50. (1984)

Pálfi, Gábor and Pálfi, Zsófia and Köves, Erzsébet: The effect of proline and indoleacetic acid on total amino acid content of alfalfa shoots in the case of water-deficiency. Acta biologica, (30) 1-4. pp. 33-37. (1984)

Pálfi, Gábor and Pálfi, Zsófia and Pintér, László: Enhancement of the degree of drought-resistance in varieties by crossing and selection on the basis of proline-content. Acta biologica, (29) 1-4. pp. 11-17. (1983)

Pálfi, Gábor and Pintér, László: Determination of the drought-resistance of inbred maize lines with proline test. Acta biologica, (26) 1-4. pp. 109-116. (1980)

Pálfi, Gábor and Németh, János and Pintér, László and Kádár, Katalin and Bölke, W.: Rapid determination of drought-resistance of new rye, maize and lupine varieties with the live-wilting proline test. Acta biologica, (24) 1-4. pp. 39-51. (1978)

Pálfi, Gábor and Bátyai, Jenő: Effects of biologically-active substances on the amino acid metabolism of isolated lucerne shoots in the case of live-wilting. Acta biologica, (23) 1-4. pp. 49-61. (1977)

Pálfi, Gábor and Stecker, Ottó and Gubicza, András: Biological activity, bactericidal effect and structure of a medicinal peat-bog mud (at Héviz). Acta biologica, (22) 1-4. pp. 57-71. (1976)

Pálfi, Gábor and Köves, Erzsébet and Nehéz, Rudolf: Effect of growth-substances on the free amino-acid content of lentil shoots in case of water deficiency. Acta biologica, (21) 1-4. pp. 69-82. (1975)

Pálfi, Gábor and Bitó, Mária and Nehéz, Rudolf and Sebestyén, Rita: Rapid production of protein-forming amino acids with the aid of water stress and photosynthesis. I. The "proline pathway" of amino acid metabolism. Acta biologica, (20) 1-4. pp. 95-106. (1974)

Pálfi, Gábor: Multiplication of the essential amino acids during the live-wilting of leaves. Acta biologica, (17) 1-4. pp. 89-103. (1971)

Pálfi, Gábor and Bitó, Mária: Effect of the cold soil and physiological dryness on the amino acid metabolism of wheat, beans sunflower and paprika. Acta biologica, (16) 3-4. pp. 79-91. (1970)

Pálfi, Gábor: Das Prolin, die den Wassermangel dere Pflanzen anzeigende Aminosäure. Acta biologica, (15) 1-4. pp. 65-70. (1969)

Pálfi, Gábor: Pipccolic acid as an indicator of disturbed amino acid metabolism in the infected rice potato and tobacco plants. Acta biologica, (13) 1-2. pp. 37-39. (1967)

Pálfi, Gábor and Gulyás, Sándor and Somogyi, Géza: Uber einige morphologische und physiologische Eigenschaften der mittels Colchicinbehandlung induzierten tetraploiden Paprikapflanzen. Acta biologica, (13) 3-4. pp. 75-88. (1967)

Pálfi, Gábor and Zsolt, János: Changes in the amino acid and protein metabolism of rice as a result of diseases. Acta biologica, (12) 3-4. pp. 75-85. (1966)

Pálfi, Gábor: A new indicator of abnormal amino acid and protein metabolism in diseased plants: rice, potato, soybean, tobacco. Acta biologica, (12) 3-4. pp. 71-74. (1966)

Pálfi, Gábor: A new, ninhydrine-isatine positive amino acid-like Compound in the leaves of rite plant. Acta biologica, (10) 1-4. pp. 53-63. (1964)

Pálfi, Gábor: Die Diffundierung des von Leguminosen fixierten Stickstoffes in Getreide im Falle von Mischsaaten. Acta biologica, (8) 1-4. pp. 85-91. (1962)

Pálfi, Gábor: The NPK content of the exudation sap of rice plants grown in alkaline soils of different types. Acta biologica, (8) 1-4. pp. 93-101. (1962)

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