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Poór, Péter and Ördög, Attila and Wodala, Barnabás and Borbély, Péter and Samfira, Ionel and Butnariu, Monica and Hegedűs, Dóra and Szabó, Katalin and Pécsváradi, Attila and Tari, Irma: Effect of salinity stress on ion accumulation and on the photosynthetic activity of a new energy plant, phalaris arundinacea cultivars. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Analytical and Environmental Problems, (21). pp. 392-395. (2015)

Poór, Péter and Tari, Irma: Ethylene-regulated reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide under salt stress in tomato cell suspension culture. Acta biologica Szegediensis, (55) 1. pp. 143-146. (2011)

Tari, Irma: Acclimation of tomato plants to salinity stress after a salicylic acid pre-treatment. Acta biologica Szegediensis, (46) 3-4. pp. 55-56. (2002)

Tari, Irma: The role of ethylene in the growth and development of bean seedlings treated with the growth retardant paclobutrazol. Acta biologica, (41) 1-4. pp. 93-95. (1995)

Tari, Irma: Correlation between the salt-extractable, cell wall-bound peroxidase activities and the ethylene production in the pulvini and petioles of paclobutrazol-treated bean primary leaves. Acta biologica, (39) 1-4. pp. 109-111. (1993)

Tari, Irma and Szabó, Attila and Nagy, Erzsébet: Extracellular ferricyanide reduction in aeroponically and hydroponically grown cucumber roots: effect of excision. Acta biologica, (37) 1-4. pp. 3-10. (1991)

Nagy, Mária and Tari, Irma and Bubán, Tamás: Hormonal regulation of root formation in paclobutrazol treated bean plants. Acta biologica, (37) 1-4. pp. 11-18. (1991)

Tari, Irma and Nagy, Mária: Paclobutrazol increases wound-induced ethylene production in primary leaves of bean seedlings. Acta biologica, (37) 1-4. pp. 107-108. (1991)

Nagy, Mária and Tari, Irma: Relationship between IAA content and adventitious root formation in bean seedlings treated with CCC. Acta biologica, (36) 1-4. pp. 13-25. (1990)

Nagy, and Tari, Irma: IAA distribution and auxin sensitivity in CCC-treated bean hypocotyls. Acta biologica, (33) 1-4. pp. 9-15. (1987)

Tari, Irma and Köves, Erzsébet and Szabó, Margit: Effectt of butachlor (2-chloro-2,6-diethyl-N-(butoxy-methyl)acetanilide) on the activity of the indoleacetic acid oxidase of maize seedlings. Acta biologica, (27) 1-4. pp. 139-143. (1981)

Tari, Irma and Köves, Erzsébet and Sirokmán, Ferenc: Effect of butachlor (2-chloro-2', 6 '-diethyl-N-) butoxymethyl-(acetanilide) on the basipetal transport of exogenous indole-3-acetic acid in maize seedlings. Acta biologica, (24) 1-4. pp. 53-57. (1978)

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