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Gál, Tamás and Unger, János: Calculation of sky view factor and roughness parameters in a medium sized city. Acta climatologica, (49-50). pp. 21-32. (2016)

Hämmerle, Martin and Gál, Tamás and Unger, János and Matzarakis, Andreas: Different aspects in the quantification of the Sky View Factor in complex environments. Acta climatologica, (47-48). pp. 53-52. (2014)

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Unger, János: Preface. Acta climatologica, (46). p. 5. (2012)

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Unger, János and Makra, László: Urban-rural difference in the heating demand as a consequence of the heat island. Acta climatologica, (40-41). pp. 155-162. (2007)

Unger, János: A város éghajlat-módosító hatása - a szegedi hősziget. Földrajzi tanulmányok, (1). pp. 43-65. (2007)

Unger, János: A városi területek vízmérlege. Földrajzi tanulmányok, (1). pp. 91-98. (2007)

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Unger, János: The seasonal system of urban temperature surplas in Szeged. Acta climatologica, (24-26). pp. 49-57. (1992)

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