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Vámos, Rezső: Questions of the utilization of the dead-arms of the Tisza for fishing purposes problems caused by pollution. Tiscia 9. pp. 25-41. (1974)

Vámos, Rezső and Tasnádi, Róbert: Die ökologischen Faktoren des durch H2S und Ammoniak bedingten fischsterbens. Tiscia 7. pp. 5-12. (1972)

Vámos, Rezső and Andó, Mihály: The hydrobiological, climatic and pedological factors in the alkalization of soils of the Great Hungarian Plain. Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : acta geographica, (9). pp. 81-97. (1969)

Vámos, Rezső and Tasnádi, Róbert: Ammonia poisoning in carp. 3. The oxygen content as a factor influencing the toxic limit of ammonia. Acta biologica, (13) 3-4. pp. 99-105. (1967)

Vámos, Rezső: The effect of H2S on the IAA content of the rice plant and on the development of its adventitious roots. Acta biologica, (12) 1-2. pp. 67-72. (1966)

Vámos, Rezső: Ammonia poisoning in carp. Acta biologica, (9) 1-4. pp. 291-297. (1963)

Vámos, Rezső and Zsolt, János and Ribiánszky, Miklós: Wasserblüte und Fischstcrben. Acta biologica, (8) 1-4. pp. 103-114. (1962)

Vámos, Rezső and Andó, Mihály: Die Rolle des Sonnenlichtes in der Bekämpfung des in den Reisböden entstehenden H2S. Acta biologica, (5) 1-2. pp. 61-69. (1959)

Vámos, Rezső and Andó, Mihály: Ecological geographic factors influencing "straighthead" of rice plant. Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : acta geographica, (4). pp. 45-64. (1959)

Vámos, Rezső and Stefandel, István: Inhibition of sulphare reduction in waterlogged soils. Acta biologica, (4). pp. 173-178. (1958)

Vámos, Rezső: Nutrition conditions of rice at the time of the appearance of the blast (»bruzone«). Acta biologica, (3) 1-4. pp. 239-245. (1957)

Vámos, Rezső: The role of the soil's excess nitrogén in the bruzone of the rice. Acta biologica, (2) 1-4. pp. 103-110. (1956)

Vámos, Rezső: Microbiologic processes in limeless alkaline. Acta biologica, (1) 1-4. pp. 113-124. (1955)

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