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Avramescu, Cezar: Asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonlinear differential equations and generalized guiding functions.

Avramescu, Cezar: Some remarks on a fixed point theorem of Krasnoselskii.

Benchohra, Mouffak and Henderson, Johnny and Ntouyas, Sotiris K. and Ouahab, A.: Existence results for impulsive semilinear damped differential inclusions.

Benchohra, Mouffak and Ouahab, Abdelghani: Initial and boundary value problems for second order impulsive functional differential inclusions.

Benmezai, A.: Complete description of the set of solutions to a strongly nonlinear O. D. E.

Changchun, Liu: Cahn-Hilliard equation with terms of lower order and non-constant mobility.

Dhage, Bapurao C.: A functional integral inclusion involving Caratheodories.

Dhage, Bapurao C. and Chate, D. N. and Ntouyas, Sotiris K.: A system of abstract measure delay differential equations.

Georgiev, Svetlin Georgiev and Georgieva, Penka Vasileva: On the uniformly contonuity of the solution map for two dimensional wave maps.

Hajji, A. and Hanebaly, E.: Perturbed integral equations in modular fuction spaces.

Khalil, Abdelouahed el and Ouanan, Mohammed and Touzani, Abdelfattah: Bifurcation of a nonlinear elliptic system from the first eigenvalue.

Khukhunashvili, Zviad Z. and Khukhunashvili, V. Z.: Alternative analysis generated by a differential equation.

Kouachi, Said: Global existence of solutions in invariant regions for reaction-diffusion systems with a balance law and a full matrix of diffusion coefficients.

Lei, Yutian: Symmetric solutions to minimization of a p-energy functional with ellipsoid value.

Lu, Youmin and Shao, Zhoude: Stability of simple periodic solutions of neutral functional differential equations.

Meng, Yijie and Wang, Yifu: Coexistence for a resource-based growth model with two resources.

Mezenes, Silvano B. de and Limaco, Juan and Medeiros, L. A.: Remarks on null controllability for semilinear heat equation in moving domains.

Rahmat, Ali Khan: The generalized method of quasilinearization and nonlinear boundary value problems with integral boundary conditions.

Riahi, Lotfi: Nonnegative solutions of parabolic operators with lower-order terms.

Shi, Shaoyun and Han, Yuecai: Non-existence Criteria for Laurent polynomial first integrals.

Simon, Péter L.: On the structure of spectra of travelling waves.

Zeija, Wang and Jingxue, Yin: Uniqueness of bounded solutions to a viscous diffusion equation.

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