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Aliziane, Tarik and Langlais, Michel: Global existence and asymptotic behaviour for a degenerate diffusive seir model.

Alvarez Saramaniego, Borys: Spatial analyticity of solution of a nonlocal perturbation of the KdV equation.

Appleby, John A. D. and Devin, Siobhán and Reynolds, David W.: On the exponential convergence to a limit of solutions of perturbed linear Volterra equations.

Avramescu, Cezar and Vladimirescu, Cristian: An existence result of asymptotically stable solutions for an integral equation of mixed type.

Belarbi, Abdelkader and Benchohra, Mouffak and Ouahab, Abdelghani: Existence results for impulsive dynamic inclusions on time scales.

Calahorrano, Marco and Mena, Hermann: Remarks on inhomogenous elliptic problems arising in astrophysics.

Corréa, Francisco Julio S. A. and Menezes, Silvano B. de: Existence of solutions to nonlocal and singular variational elliptic inequality via Galerkin method.

Dhage, Bapurao C. and Karande, B. D.: First order integro-driierential equations in Banach algebras involving Caratheodory and discontinuous nonlinearities.

Dimitrova, M. B. and Mishev, D.: Oscillation of the solutions of neutral impulsive differential-difference equations of first order.

El Hachimi, Abderrahmane and Sidi Ammi, Maulay Rchid: Existence of global solution for a nonlocal parabolic problem.

Fišnarová, Simona: Oscillation and nonoscillation of perturbed higher order Euler-type differential equations.

Guillaume, Sophie and Syam, A.: On a time-dependent subdifferential evolution inclusion with a nonconvex upper-semicontinuous perturbation.

Henderson, Johnny and Ouahab, Abdelghani: Existence results for nondensely defined semilinear fuctional differential inclusions in Fréchet spaces.

Hopkins, Britney: Existence of solutions for nonconvex third order differential inclusions.

Islam, Muhammad N. and Yankson, Ernest: Boundedness and stability in nonlinear delay difference equations employing fixed point theory.

Karna, Basant K. and Kaufmann, Eric R. and Nobles, Jason: Comparison of eigenvalues for a fourth-order four-point boundary value problem.

Kozakevicius, Alice and Vera, Octavio: On the unique continuation property for a nonlinear dispersive system.

Mařík, Robert: Asymptotic estimates for PDE with p-Laplacian and damping.

Melkemi, Lamine and Mokrane, Ahmed Zerrouk and Youkana, Amar: On the uniform boundedness of the solutions of systems of reaction-diffusion equations.

Ramirez, Sonia M.: Viscous-inviscid coupled problem with interfacial data.

Saker, Samir H.: Oscillation of second-order forced nonlinear dynamic equations on time scales.

Santos, M. L. and Roche, M. P. C. and Pereira, D. C.: Solvability for a nonlinear coupled system of Kirchhoff type for the beam equations with nonlocal boundary conditions.

Tomeček, Jan: Nonlinear boundary value problem for nonlinear second order differential equations with impulses.

Xu, Zhiting: The oscillatory behavior of second order nonlinear elliptic equations.

Yang, Bo: Positive solution for a fourth order boundary value problem.

Štepánková, H.: A note on the theorem on differential inequalities.

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