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Ahmad, Bashir and Alsaedi, Ahmed: An extended method of quasilinearization for nonlinear impulsive differential equations with a nonlinear three-point boundary condition.

Aitalioubrahim, Myelkebir and Sajid, Said: Visibility problem with perturbation in Hilbert space.

Anderson, Douglas R. and Moats, Lisa M.: q-Dominant and q-recessive matrix solutions for linear quantum systems.

Bartušek, Miroslav and Pekárková, Eva: On existence of proper solutions of quasilinear second order differential equations.

Benchohra, Mouffak and Hamani, Samira and Henderson, Johnny: Functional differential inclusions with integral boundary conditions.

Benchohra, Mouffak and Hamani, Samira and Henderson, Johnny: Functional differential inclusions with integral boundary conditions.

Boukhamla, R. and Mazouzi, S.: Null controllability of some impulsive evolution equation in a Hilbert space.

Bouziani, Abdelfatah and Merazga, Nabil: Solution to a transmission problem for quasilinear pseudoparabolic equations by the Rothe method.

Cernea, Aurelian: On the existence of solutions for a higher order differential inclusion without convexity.

Darwish, Mohamed Abdalla: On global attractivity of solutions of a functional-integral equation.

Diagana, Toka: Existence of pseudo almost periodic solutions to some classes of partial hyperbolic evolution equations.

El-Salam, Sheren A. Abd: On the stability of some fractional-order non-autonomous systems.

El-Sayed, A. M. A. and El-Salam, Sheren A. Abd: Weighted Cauchy-type problem of a functional differ-integral equation.

Elabbasy, Elmetwally M. and Elhaddad, W. W.: Oscillation of second-order nonlinear differential equations with damping term.

Georgiev, Svetlin Georgiev: Uniform continuity of the solution map for nonlinear wave equation in Reissner-Nordström metric.

Guedda, L.: On the existence of mild solutions for neutral functional differential inclusions in Banach space.

Hachimi, Abderrahmane El and Jamea, Ahmed: Nonlinear parabolic problems with Neumann-type boundary conditions and L-data.

Henderson, Johnny and Ntouyas, Sotiris K.: Positive solutions for systems of nth order three-point nonlocal boundary value problems.

Karna, Basant K. and Lawrence, Bonita: Existence of positive solutions for multi-point boundary value problems.

Korman, Philip: Computation of radial solutions of semilinear.

Long, Shujun and Xu, Daoyi and Zhu, Wei: Global exponential stability of impulsive dynamical systems with distributed delays.

Maroun, Mariette: Positive solutions to an nth order right focal boundary value problem.

Purnaras, Ioannis K.: On the existence of solutions to some nonlinear integrodifferential equations with delay.

Raffoul, Youssef N.: Positive periodic solutions in neutral nonlinear differential equations.

Redwane, Hicham: Existence of a solution for a class of nonlinear parabolic systems.

Santos, M. L. and Soares, U. R.: Global solutions and exponential decay for a nonlinear coupled system of beam equations of Kirchhoff type with memory in a domain with moving boundary.

Sheng, Quin: Hybrid approximations via second order combined dynamic derivatives on time scales.

Wong, James S. W.: On rectifiable oscillation of Euler type second order linear differential equations.

Yang, Liu and Shen, Chunfang and Liu, Xiping: Sufficient condition for existence of solutions for higher-order resonance boundary value problem with one-dimensional p-Laplacian.

Zhidkov, Peter: On the existence of a component-wise positive radially symmetric solution for a superlinear system.

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