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Abbas, Saïd and Benchohrab, Mouffak and Nieto, Juan J.: Global attractivity of solutions for nonlinear fractional order Riemann-Liouville Volterra-Stieltjes partial integral equations.

Agarwal, Ravi P. and Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing: Positive solutions of complementary Lidstone boundary value problems.

Ahmad, Bashir and Alsaedi, Ahmed and Assolami, Afrah: Existence results for Caputo type fractional differential equations with four-point nonlocal fractional integral boundary conditions.

Al-Refai, Mohammed: On the fractional derivatives at extreme points.

Alzabut, Jehad O. and Obaidat, Sofian: Almost periodic solutions for Fox production harvesting model with delay.

Anderson, Douglas R. and Avery, Richard I. and Henderson, Johnny and Liu, Xueyan: Fixed point theorem utilizing operators and functionals.

Araya, Daniela and Lizama, Carlos: Existence of asymptotically almost automorphic solutions for a third order differential equation.

Ardjouni, Abdelouaheb and Djoudi, Ahcene: Existence of periodic solutions for a second order nonlinear neutral differential equation with functional delay.

Azzam-Laouir, Dalila and Boutana, Imen and Makhlouf, Amira: Application of Pettis integration to delay second order differential inclusions.

Baculíková, Blanka and Džurina, Jozef: Asymptotic and oscillatory behavior of higher order quasilinear delay differential equations.

Bartušek, Miroslav: On singular solutions for second order delayed differential equations.

Bie, Qunyi: Global stability of the positive equilibrium for a non-cooperative model of nuclear reactors.

Bisconti, Luca and Spadini, Marco: Corrigendum to on a class of differential-algebraic equations with infinite delay.

Boukhatem, Yamna and Benabderrahmane, Benyattou: Blow up of solutions for a semilinear hyperbolic equation.

Bounkhel, Messaoud: Existence results for second order convex sweeping processes in p-uniformly smooth and q-uniformly convex Banach spaces.

Bragdi, Mabrouk and Hazi, Mohammed: Existence and uniqueness of solutions of fractional quasilinear mixed integrodifferential equations with nonlocal condition in Banach spaces.

Cardinali, Tiziana and Rubbioni, Paola: Countably condensing multimaps and fixed points.

Cecchini, Simone and Malaguti, Luisa: Guiding-like functions for semilinear evolution equations with retarded nonlinearities.

Cernea, Aurelian: On the existence of mild solutions for nonconvex fractional semilinear differential inclusions.

Chatzarakis, George E. and Stavroulakis, Ioannis P.: Oscillation of advanced difference equations with variable arguments.

Chen, Peng and Wang, Zhengmei: Infinitely many homoclinic solutions for a class of nonlinear difference equations.

Chen, Wei: Permanence for Nicholson-type delay systems with patch structure and nonlinear density-dependent mortality terms.

Chung, Nguyen Thanh: Multiplicity results for a class of p(x)-Kirchhoff type equations with combined nonlinearities.

Cui, Yujun and Sun, Jingxian: On existence of positive solutions of coupled integral boundary value problems for a nonlinear singular superlinear differential system.

Dai, Guowei: On positive solutions for a class of nonlocal problems.

Dilna, Nataliya: Unique solvability of second order functional differential equations with non-local boundary conditions.

Ding, Hui-Sheng and Chen, Yuan-Yuan and N’Guérékata, Gaston M.: Cn-almost periodic and almost periodic solutions for some nonlinear integral equations.

Duan, Lian: Periodic solutions for a neutral delay predator-prey model with nonmonotonic functional response.

Elabbasy, Elmetwally M. and Hassan, Taher S. and Elmatary, Bassant M.: Oscillation criteria for third order delay nonlinear differential equations.

Fišnarová, Simona and Mařík, Robert: Local estimates for modified Riccati equation in theory of half-linear differential equation.

Franca, Matteo: Bifurcation diagrams for singularly perturbed system.

Fu, Yongqiang and Xiang, Mingqi: Regularity of weak solutions for nonlinear parabolic problem with p(x)-Growth.

Grace, Said R. and Graef, John R. and Panigrahi, Saroj and Tunç, Ercan: On the oscillatory behavior of even order neutral delay dynamic equations on time-scales.

Guan, Wen and Ma, Shuang-Hong and Wang, Da-Bin: Periodic boundary value problems for first order difference equations.

Guillaume, Sophie: Time dependent evolution inclusions governed by the difference of two subdifferentials.

Hassan, Taher S. and Kong, Qingkai: Oscillation of forced impulsive differential equations with ɣ-Laplacian and nonlinearities given by Riemann-Stieltjes integrals.

Henderson, Johnny and Luca, Rodica: On a system of second-order multi-point boundary value problems.

Ho, Chao-Pao and Lin, Che-Hao and Huang, Huang-Nan: On the Lyapunov functional of Leslie-Gower predator-prey models with time-delay and Holling's functional responses.

Hou, Xinhua and Duan, Lian: New results on periodic solutions of delayed Nicholson’s blowflies models.

Huang, Wentao and Fan, Xingyu and Chen, Xingwu: Linearizability conditions of quasi-cubic systems.

Jaroš, Jaroslav: Hartman-type comparison theorems for half-linear differential equations of the second order.

Ji, Chao: Existence and multiplicity of solutions for the nonlocal p(x)-Laplacian equations in RN.

Ji, Chao and Wang, Weihua: On the p-biharmonic equation involving concave-convex nonlinearities and sign-changing weight function.

Jia, Gao and Zhao, Mei-ling and Li, Fang-lan: Eigenvalue problems for a class of singular quasilinear elliptic equations in weighted spaces.

Jiang, Ani and Shao, Jianying: Existence and uniqueness on periodic solutions of fourth-order nonlinear differential equations.

Jiang, Jiqiang and Liu, Lishan and Wu, Yonghong: Multiple positive solutions of singular fractional differential system involving Stieltjes integral conditions.

Kalas, Josef and Rebenda, Josef: Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of real two-dimensional differential system with nonconstant delay in an unstable case.

Khalil, Ezzinbi and Amor, Rebey: Existence of solutions in the α-norm for partial functional differential equations with infinite delay.

Kong, Qingkai and Wang, Min: Positive solutions of nonlinear fractional boundary value problems with Dirichlet boundary conditions.

Kostić, Marko: On a class of (a,k)-regularized C-resolvent families.

Kusano, Takaŝi and Manojlović, Jelena V.: Asymptotic behavior of positive solutions of odd order Emden-Fowler type differential equations in the framework of regular variation.

Lazăr, Vasile L.: Ulam-Hyers stability for partial differential inclusions.

Li, Bing: Invariant and attracting sets of non-autonomous impulsive neutral integro-differential equations.

Li, Dingshi and Xu, Daoyi: Existence and global attractivity of periodic solution for impulsive stochastic Volterra-Levin equations.

Liu, Yuji and Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing: Triple positive solutions of BVP for second order ODE with one dimensional Laplacian on the half line.

Liu, Zhenhai and Lu, Liang: A class of BVPs for nonlinear fractional differential equations with p-Laplacian operator.

Lizama, Carlos: Solutions of two-term time fractional order differential equations with nonlocal initial conditions.

Long, Wei and Zheng, Xiong-Jun and Li, Lu: Existence of periodic solutions for a class of functional integral equations.

Louis-Rose, Carole: A null controllability problem with a finite number of constraints on the normal derivative for the semilinear heat equation.

Lv, Boqiang and Li, Fengquan and Zou, Weilin: Overdetermined boundary value problems with strongly nonlinear elliptic PDE.

Medved', Milan and Škripková, Lucia: Sufficient conditions for the exponential stability of delay difference equations with linear parts defined by permutable matrices.

Mesloub, Said: On a higher order two dimensional thermoelastic system combining a local and nonlocal boundary conditions.

Mukhigulashvili, Sulkhan and Partsvania, Nino: Two-point boundary value problems for strongly singular higher-order linear differential equations with deviating arguments.

Neugebauer, Jeffrey T.: Addendum to Methods of extending lower order problems to higher order problems in the context of smallest eigenvalue comparisons.

Ospanov, Kordan Naurzykanovič and Akhmetkaliyeva, Raya D.: Separation and the existence theorem for second order nonlinear differential equation.

Pan, Shuxia and Liu, Jie: Minimal wave speed of traveling wavefronts in delayed Belousov-Zhabotinskii model.

Pathak, Hemant Kumar and Shahzad, Naseer: A new fixed point result and its application to existence theorem for nonconvex Hammerstein type integral inclusions.

Petre, Ioan-Radu and Petruşel, Adrian: Krasnoselskii's theorem in generalized Banach spaces and applications.

Pospíšil, Michal: Representation and stability of solutions of systems of functional differential equations with multiple delays.

Prasad, Kapula Rajendra and Murali, P.: Heteroclinic solutions of singular Φ-Laplacian boundary value problems on infinite time scales.

Rontó, Miklós and Marynets, Kateryna: Parametrization for non-linear problems with integral boundary conditions.

Röst, Gergely: Global convergence and uniform bounds of fluctuating prices in a single commodity market model of Bélair and Mackey.

Shoukaku, Yutaka and Yoshida, Norio: Forced oscillation of hyperbolic equations with mixed nonlinearities.

Sun, Yibing and Han, Zhenlai and Sun, Shurong and Zhang, Chao: Oscillation criteria for even order nonlinear neutral differential equations.

Szijártó, András and Hegedűs, Jenő: Observation problems posed for the Klein-Gordon equation.

Tao, Qiang and Gao, Hang and Yang, Ying: Controllability results for weakly blowing up reaction-diffusion system.

Tatar, Nasser-eddine: Mild and classical solutions to a fractional singular second order evolution problem.

Thandapani, Ethiraju and Rama, Renu: Oscillation criteria for second-order nonlinear neutral differential equations of mixed type.

Veselý, Michal: Almost periodic skew-symmetric differential systems.

Wang, Guotao and Zhang, Lihong and Ntouyas, Sotiris K.: Existence of multiple positive solutions of a nonlinear arbitrary order boundary value problem with advanced arguments.

Wang, Jian and Ge, Yanyan: Blow-up analysis for a doubly nonlinear parabolic system with multi-coupled nonlinearities.

Webb, Jeffrey R. L.: Nonexistence of positive solutions for nonlinear boundary value problems.

Wu, Xiaotai and Yan, Litan: On solutions of neutral stochastic delay Volterra equations with singular kernels.

Xu, Jiafa and Wei, Zhongli and Ding, Youzheng: Stationary solutions for a generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation in bounded domain.

Xu, Shenghu: Global stability of the virus dynamics model with Crowley-Martin functional response.

Xu, Yanli: Existence and uniqueness of almost periodic solutions for a class of nonlinear Duffing system with time-varying delays.

Yang, Li and Liu, Xinzhi and Zhang, Zhigang: Dissipative control for singular impulsive dynamical systems.

Yao, Fengping and Lai, Mijia and Jia, Huilian: Compactness methods for Hölder estimates of certain degenerate elliptic equations.

Ye, Haiping and Liu, Jiao and Gao, Jianming: Existence and continuous dependence of mild solutions for fractional abstract differential equations with infinite delay.

Ye, Yuan: Positive almost periodic solutions for a predator-prey Lotka-Volterra system with delays.

Yuan, Chengjun and Jiang, Daqing and O'Regan, Donal and Agarwal, Ravi P.: Multiple positive solutions to systems of nonlinear semipositone fractional differential equations with coupled boundary conditions.

Zhang, Hai-E and Sun, Jian-Ping: Existence and iteration of monotone positive solutions for third-order nonlocal BVPs involving integral conditions.

Zhang, Huixing: Multiplicity of positive solutions for critical singular elliptic systems with sign-changing weight function.

Zhang, Xiaozhi and Zhu, Chuanxi and Wu, Zhaoqi: The Cauchy problem for a class of fractional impulsive differential equations with delay.

Zhang, Xuemei: Positive periodic solutions and nonlinear eigenvalue problems for functional differential equations.

Zhao, Xiaopeng and Liu, Bo and Duan, Ning: Existence of global attractor for the Trojan Y Chromosome model.

Zhou, Xue-yong and Guo, Zhen: Analysis of stability and Hopf bifurcation for an eco-epidemiological model with distributed delay.

Zhu, Liping and Zhang, Zhengce: Rate of approach to the steady state for a diffusion-convection equation on annular domains.

Zhu, Zhi-Qiang: Stability analysis for nonlinear second order differential equations with impulses.

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