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Adivar, Murat and Raffoul, Youssef N.: Existence of periodic solutions in totally nonlinear delay dynamic equations.

Ali Khan, Rahmat: Quasilinear method and nonlocal singular three point boundary problems.

Atici, Ferhan M. and Eloe, Paul W.: Discrete fractional calculus with the nabla operator.

Avery, Richard I. and Anderson, Douglas R.: Green's function of a centered partial difference equation.

Ballard, Grey M. and Baxley, John V.: The friedrichs extension of a certain singular differential operators II.

Bartušek, Miroslav: On noncontinuable solutions differential equations with delay.

Belinskiy, Boris P. and Matthews, John V.: Some nonlinear and nonlocal Sturm-Liouville problems motivated by the problem of flutter.

Benchohra, Mouffak and Seba, Djamila: Impulsive fractional differential equations in Banach spaces.

Chengjun, Guo and O'Regan, Donal and Xu, Yuantong and Agarwal, Ravi P.: Existence of periodic solutions for a class of even order differential equations with deviating argument.

Došlá, Zuzana and Cecchi, Mariella and Marini, Mauro: Asymptotic problems for differential equations with bounded Φ-Laplacian.

Du, Zengji and Kong, Lingju: Existence of three solutions for systems of multi-point boundary value problems.

Ehme, Jeffrey: Uniqueness implies existence o solutions for nonlinear (k;j) point boundary value problem problems for n-th order differential equations.

Hatvani, László: On the critical values of parametric resonance in Meissner's equation by the method of difference equations.

Henderson, Johnny: Boundary value problems for third order differential equations by solution matching.

Infante, Gennaro and Pietramala, Paolamaria: A cantilever equation with nonlinear boundary condition.

Jaffar, Ali and Perry, David and Sasi, Sarath and Schaefer, Jessica and Schilling, Brian and Shivaji, R. and Williams, Matthew: Population dynamics with symmetric and asymmetric harvesting.

Kaufmann, Eric R.: A third order nonlocal boundary value problem at resonance.

Kong, Qingkai and Wang, Min: Positive solutions of second order nonlinear difference boundary value problems.

Kunkel, Curtis: Singular higher order boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations.

Kwong, Man Kam and Wong, James S. W.: Some remarks on three-point and four-point BVP's for second-order nonlinear differential equations.

McArthur, Summer and Kosmatov, Nickolai: A note on the second order boundary value problem on a half-line.

Ntouyas, Sotiris K.: Neumann boundary value problems for impulsive differential inclusions.

Ouahab, Abdelghani: Filippov's theorem for impulsive differential inclusions with fractional order.

Rudd, Matthew and Tisdell, Christopher C.: Positive symmetric solutions of singular semipositone boundary value problems.

Thandapani, Ethiraju and Karunakaran, R. and Arockiasamy, I. M.: Bounded nonoscillatory solutions of neutral type difference systems.

Wang, Haiyan: Convex solutions of systems arising from monge-ampère equations.

Wang, Liancheng and Xiaoqin, Wu: Bifurcation analysis of a Kaldor-Kalecki model of business cycle with time delay.

Wang, Tingxiu: Inequalities of solutions of Volterra integral and differential equations.

Webb, Jeffrey R. L.: Positive solutions of some higher order nonlocal boundary value problems.

Wong, Patricia Jia Yiing: Solutions for singular Volterra integral equations.

Yng, Bo: Positive solutions for the (n, p) boundary value problem.

Zhang, Bo: Liapunov functionals and periodicity in a system of nonlinear integral equations.

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