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Agnarsson, Geir and Greenlaw, Raymond and Kantabutra, Sanpawat: On Cyber Attacks and the Maximum-Weight Rooted-Subtree Problem. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 591-612. (2016)

Agnarsson, Geir and Greenlaw, Raymond and Kantabutra, Sanpawat: The Structure of Rooted Weighted Trees Modeling Layered Cyber-security Systems. Acta cybernetica, (22) 4. pp. 25-59. (2016)

Almási, Béla and Bérczes, Tamás and Kuki, Attila and Sztrik, János and Wang, Jinting: Performance Modeling of Finite-Source Cognitive Radio Networks. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 617-631. (2016)

Antal, Elvira and Csendes, Tibor: Nonlinear Symbolic Transformations for Simplifying Optimization Problems. Acta cybernetica, (22) 4. pp. 5-23. (2016)

Czap, László and K. Varga, Attila: Adapting Dynamic Time Warping to the Speech of the Hearing Impaired. Acta cybernetica, (22) 4. pp. 61-79. (2016)

Darvas, Dániel and Vörös, András and Bartha, Tamás: Improving Saturation-based Bounded Model Checking. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 573-589. (2016)

Dömösi, Pál and Fazekas, Szilárd and Ito, Masami: On Chomsky Hierarchy of Palindromic Languages. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 703-713. (2016)

Fördős, Viktória and Tóth, Melinda: Identifying Code Clones with RefactorErl. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 553-571. (2016)

Iván, Szabolcs and Nagy-György, Judit: On Nonpermutational Transformation Semigroups with an Application to Syntactic Complexity. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 687-701. (2016)

Mäkinen, Erkki: A Note on the Emptiness of Intersection Problem for Left Szilárd Languages. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 613-616. (2016)

Singh, Shubh N. and Krishna, Kanduru V.: The Holonomy Decomposition of some Circular Semi-Flower Automata. Acta cybernetica, (22) 4. pp. 81-95. (2016)

Ujvári, Miklós: Bounds on the Stability Number of a Graph via the Inverse Theta Function. Acta cybernetica, (22) 4. pp. 97-112. (2016)

Ujvári, Miklós: On the Projection onto a Finitely Generated Cone. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 657-672. (2016)

Vinkó, Tamás: Robustness of BitTorrent-like VoD Protocols. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 673-685. (2016)

Vágvölgyi, Sándor: One-Pass Reductions. Acta cybernetica, (22) 3. pp. 633-655. (2016)

Vásárhelyi, Bálint: An Estimation of the Size of Non-Compact Suffix Trees. Acta cybernetica, (22) 4. pp. 113-122. (2016)

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