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A. Sajti Enikő: The foundation of the Yugoslavian Hungarian party : 1922. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 74-87. (2004)

Bakucz Marianne: Biblia e História : traduções ibéricas. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 68-73. (2004)

Balogh László: The Ugri Allies of Heraclius. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 8-14. (2004)

Galamb György: Jacques de la Marche, prêcheur et inquisiteur : la rôle de l'Observance franciscaine en Italie, en Bosnie et en Hongrie au milieu du XVe siècle. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 122-125. (2004)

Gálffy László: Les marchands italiens en Anjou pendant la seconde moitié du XIIIe siècle. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 32-40. (2004)

J. Nagy László: Le manifeste du peuple algérien : document fondamental du nationalisme algérien. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 99-106. (2004)

Kovács Szilvia and Borisenko A. Û. and Izmailov Iskender and Fodor István and Togan Isenbike and Font Márta and Trepavlov Vadim Vincerovič and Vasil'ev Dmitrij Dmitrievič and Arslanova Alsu Ajratovna and Goldina Rimma Dmitrievna and Černyh Elizaveta M. and Kadyrbaev Aleksandr and Skrynnikova Tat'âna D. and Zajcev Il'â: First international conference of the medieval history of the Eurasian Steppe : Szeged, 11-16 May 2004. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 107-117. (2004)

Kövér Lajos: Forgotten French sources : as a reflection of the perception of the Hungarians in the eighteenth century. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 129-134. (2004)

Majorossy Judit: unsere arme lewte : hospitals and the poor in late medieval Bratislava. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 41-56. (2004)

Marjanucz László: Lectori salutem. In: Chronica, (4). p. 3. (2004)

Papp Sándor: Critical survey : of letters os donation, confirmation and that of agreement issued by the Ottoman sultans for the rulers of Hungary and Transylvania. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 126-128. (2004)

Papp Sándor: From a Transylvanian principality to an Ottoman sanjak : the life of Pál Márkházi, a Hungarian renegade. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 57-67. (2004)

Pihurik Judit: Pravda soldatskih dnevnikov i voennaâ propaganda v Vengrii v 1942-1943 gg. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 88-98. (2004)

Polgár Szabolcs: The identification of K.r.h in the passage of Ibn Rusta. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 15-21. (2004)

Szegfű László: Gyula Kristó : 1939-2004. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 4-7. (2004)

Szántó Richárd: The structure of the estate : the society and political institutions of Derbyshire in the late fourteenth and first half of the fifteenth century. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 118-121. (2004)

Szász Géza: The French-language press and travel narratives : as a reflection of Hungary : 1837-1847. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 135-142. (2004)

Zimonyi István: A new Muslim source on the Hungarians in the second half of tenth century. In: Chronica, (4). pp. 22-31. (2004)

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