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Almási Tibor: A contribution to the history of the term sigillum mediocre in the Hungarian Kingdom under the Angevins. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 74-84. (2005)

David Curtis Wright: From Honoured Mound of Bones to Neglected Mound of Refuse : The Mass Burial Site of Anti-Mongol Loyalists in Yuqiao Village, Jiangsu Province, China. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 114-124. (2005)

Dér Terézia: Die Gestalt des heiligen Stephan und heiligen Ladislaus Ungarn entstandenen, lateinischen mittelalterlichen liturgischen Gesängen. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 137-141. (2005)

Gálffy László: Angers au XIIIe siècle Développement urbain, structures économiques et sociales. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 142-148. (2005)

Hollósi Szonja: Contribution à l'étude de l'imaginaire dans les lettres francophones du Maghreb : transformations mythiques et contextuelles : Approche pluridisciplinaire. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 149-155. (2005)

Homonnai Sarolta: Western Europe and Hungary in 1346 as reflected in the daily life of a diplomatic mission. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 85-96. (2005)

Horváth Csilla: Die Geschichte des Erzbistums von Kalocsa. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 176-178. (2005)

Hunyadi Zsolt: Hospitallers in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 156-160. (2005)

Kosztolnyik Zoltán József: The influence of Latin Canon law on the Golden Bulls issued by Andrew II of Hungary. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 44-61. (2005)

Kövér Lajos: Trieste au XVIIIe siécle: porte méditerranéenne du Royaume de Hongrie? In: Chronica, (5). pp. 108-113. (2005)

Mezei Mónika: Jewish communities in the Merovingian towns in the second half of the sixth century as described by Gregory of Tours. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 19-29. (2005)

Nagy Katalin: Armed Nomads, Nomadic Arms. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 171-175. (2005)

Nótári Tamás: Comments on the Avar-related chapters of the Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 30-43. (2005)

Nótári Tamás and Tamási-Tóth Zsuzsa: In memoriam Samu Szádeczky-Kardoss (1918-2004). In: Chronica, (5). pp. 3-6. (2005)

Petrovics István: Hungary and the Adriatic Coast in the Middle Ages : Power Aspiration and Dynastic Contacts of the Árpádian and Angevin Kings in Adriatic Region. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 62-73. (2005)

Pihurik Judit: Protiv "sovetskogo raâ" : zametki vengerskih soldat o celâh vojny i stalinskom Sovetskom Soûze. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 125-136. (2005)

Székely Melinda: Pliny the Elder and the problem of Regnum Hereditarium. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 7-18. (2005)

Taef El-Azhari and Taef El-Azhari: The Turkmen Identity Crisis in the fifteenth-century Middle East : The Turkmen-Turkish struggle for Supremacy. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 97-107. (2005)

Zimonyi István: The Hungarian Passage of the Ghāynī-tradition. In: Chronica, (5). pp. 161-170. (2005)

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