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A. Sajti Enikő: "What is the Difference between Freedom and Captivity?" : Repatriation of Prisoners of War from Vojvodina between 1947-1949. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 182-196. (2006)

Carraz Damien: Military Orders and the Town (Twelfth to Early Fourteenth Centuries) : Urban Commanderies Case in the Rhone River Low Valley. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 82-99. (2006)

Della Chiesa Giangiacomo: Lo sviluppo economico della citta' di Gorizia e la nascita della ditta "and. Abuja" tra 1899 e 1914: due percorsi paralleli. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 163-171. (2006)

Eggers Martin: Die Verwendung und Bedeutung des Begriffes „Fannonien" in historischen und geographischen Quellen des Frühmittelalters. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 6-27. (2006)

Erdélyi Gabriella: Invest in Heaven : The Religious Market of the Hungarian Parish in the Later Middle Ages. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 105-121. (2006)

Fodor István: Über die Voraussetzungen der ungarischen Staatsgründung. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 28-36. (2006)

Galántai Erzsébet and Hunyadi János: Bemerkungen zum Nachleben von antiken Feldherrn- und Herosporträts : Die Gestalt von János Hunyadi in den Werken: De Ioanne Corvino von P. Ransanus und Ioannis Hunniadae res bellicae contra Turcas von Elias Corvinus. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 100-104. (2006)

Kiss Andrea: Fertő River : A Low Water Level Signal or Something Else. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 140-151. (2006)

Makk Ferenc: Une monographie sur les Hongrois de la période précédant l'occupation du bassin carpatique. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 52-65. (2006)

Miklós Péter: Il basso clero della Diócesi di Csanád nel 1848/49. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 152-162. (2006)

Nótári Tamás: On Two Sources of the Early Bulgarian Christianity. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 37-51. (2006)

Pekár Martin: The Identity of the National Minorities in Slovakia during 1918-1989 within the Context of the State Policy. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 172-181. (2006)

Pihurik Judit: Diaries and Memoirs about the Eastern Theatre of War, 1942. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 207-215. (2006)

Polgár Szabolcs: International Trade and Political Centres in Eastern Europe in the Ninth-Tenth Centuries. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 66-71. (2006)

Sarnowsky Jürgen: The Religious Market of the Hungarian Parish in the Later Middle Ages. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 122-139. (2006)

Sebők Ferenc: Documenta Res Andegavensium 1341 (Volume XXV). In: Chronica, (6). pp. 197-198. (2006)

Szabados György: The Hungarian National Defense during the German Wars 1030-1052. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 72-81. (2006)

Székely Melinda: Eastern Trade of the Roman Empire based on Pliny the Elder's Natural History. In: Chronica, (6). pp. 199-206. (2006)

Tóth Sándor László: Zoltan J. Kosztolnyik (1930-2006). In: Chronica, (6). pp. 3-5. (2006)

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