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Arslanova Alsu Ajratovna: Vassaf al-Hazrat and Hamdallah Kazvini : Protégés of Rashid ad-Din and court historiographers of the Ilkhans. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 6-15. (2008)

Balogh László: A new source on the Hungarian raids against Byzantium in the Middle of the tenth century. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 16-25. (2008)

Bathó Edit: Jászberény ist die Hauptstadt von Jászén. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 3-5. (2008)

Biran Michal: Culture and cross-cultural contacts in the Chaghadaid Realm : 1220-1370 : some preliminary notes. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 26-43. (2008)

Birtalan Ágnes: Rituals of sworn brotherhood : Mong. anda bol-, Oir. and, ax düü bol- : in Mongol historic and Epic tradition. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 44-56. (2008)

Brüggemann Thomas: Cumans in Southern Dobrudja : some remarks on the second Bulgarian empire during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 57-71. (2008)

Dobrovits Mihály: (H)oplayu tägdi : on the military tactics of the ancient Türks. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 72-76. (2008)

Fodor István: Ecology and nomadic migrations. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 77-84. (2008)

Giessauf Johannes: A programme of terror and cruelty : aspects of Mongol strategy in the light of western sources. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 85-96. (2008)

Heršak Emil and Nikšič Boris: Croatian ethnogenesis and the nomadic element. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 97-110. (2008)

Ivanov V. I. and Ivanova M. I.: Horsemen interments of the golden horde : the informational potential of the archaeological material for social reconstructions. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 111-117. (2008)

Khudyakov Y. S.: The role of the ancient Turks in the translation of cultural achievements to Siberia in the early middle ages. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 118-124. (2008)

Komar Oleksii: The factor of climate in the life of the nomads of the North Black sea region : from the end of the fifth to the seventh century. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 125-133. (2008)

Kovács Szilvia: Alan women in the neighbouring foreign courts in the eleventh-twelfth centuries. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 134-143. (2008)

Kradin Nikolay N.: Qamuq Mongqol Ulus and chiefdom theory. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 144-150. (2008)

Nagy Katalin: The arms terminology of the Sarmatian army in the written sources. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 151-160. (2008)

Osawa Takashi: New research on historical aspects and interpretation of the Ongi site and inscriptions. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 161-177. (2008)

Polgár Szabolcs: Notes on the role of Alania in international trade in the early middle ages (eighth-tenth centuries) : on the basis of written sources. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 178-183. (2008)

Schmitt Oliver: Priscus als ethnographische Quelle für die Hunnen. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 192-203. (2008)

Schäfer Tibor: Die Teilnehmer an der Barbareninvasion am Silvestertag des Jahres 406. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 184-191. (2008)

Selmeczi László: Âsy v Vengrii v XIII-XIV vekah. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 204-207. (2008)

Skrynnikova Tat'âna D.: Chinggis Khan's distribution of posts to his comrades-in-arms : officials or courtiers. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 208-219. (2008)

Steiner Johannes: Empfange und du wirst einen Sohn gebären, welcher der Herrscher über die Erde werden wird... : Vorstellung über Geburt und Tod Tschinggis Khans. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 220-232. (2008)

Szilágyi Zsolt: Öndör Gegen Zanabazar and his role in the Mongolian culture. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 233-241. (2008)

Taşağil Ahmet: The tribal system of the Turk Khaganate. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 242-248. (2008)

Vasil'ev Dmitrij Dmitrievič: Kočevaâ aristokratiâ enisejskoj periferii kaganata : genealogičeskie rekonstrukcii. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 249-260. (2008)

Zimonyi István: Vom Ural ins Karpaten-Becken : die Grundzüge der ungarischen Frühgeschichte. In: Chronica, (7-8). pp. 261-270. (2008)

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