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Alemany Agusti: Alans in Khazaria and Khazars in Alania : on the nature and role of North Iranian elements in the Khazar empire. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 168-177. (2011)

Anikeeva Tatiana A.: The Kitab-i dedem Qorkut as a source for the cultural history of the Oghuz Turks. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 71-77. (2011)

Aubin Françoise: Two case studies of law and institutions in Chinggisisd China (Yuan era). In: Chronica, (11). pp. 6-11. (2011)

Balogh László: Nicephorus Phocas and the Scythians. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 12-17. (2011)

Belavin A. M. and Krysalova N. B.: Ancient Khakasses and the Permian Cis-Urals. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 193-197. (2011)

Ciociltan Virgil: Khalisen, Kabaren, Khasaren: Stamm oder Stand? In: Chronica, (11). pp. 178-192. (2011)

Dobrovits Mihály: On soem Eastern parallels of the development and consolidation of the early Hungarian state. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 96-103. (2011)

Ermolenko L. N.: On the attributes of heroic virtue (valor, glory, heroic name) in heroic poetry and ancient Turk texts. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 154-160. (2011)

Härke Heinrich and Belinskij Andrej: The "elite plot" in the cemetery of Klin-Yar (Russia) : the emergence of a hereditary elite in the early Alanic North Caucasus? In: Chronica, (11). pp. 135-144. (2011)

Ivanics Mária: Die Frauen der Khane in der Goldenen Horde und ihren Nachfolgestaaten. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 211-220. (2011)

Ivanov V. A. and Ivanova M. I.: Geographical and political background of Medieval nomads settling in the steppes of Eastern Europe. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 18-34. (2011)

Kovács Szilvia: The origin of the Cumans in the Russian primary chronicle. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 125-134. (2011)

La Salvia Vasco: Germanic populations and Steppe people : an example of the integration of material cultures : the diffusion of the Stirrup in the eastern Merovingian area. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 78-95. (2011)

Nagy Katalin: Scabbard accessoires found in a tomb of the early migration period on Pácin-Szenna-hill. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 113-124. (2011)

Polgár Szabolcs: The ethnonyms Turci, Turchi in the Medieval (western) European Latin sources. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 104-112. (2011)

Rybakov Nikolaj: Materials of Yenisei manicheism. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 50-61. (2011)

Steiner Johannes: Some remarks on the deaths of Mongol khans : "deathbed scenes" and supernatural incidents. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 35-49. (2011)

Takashi Ōsawa: A hypothesis on the etymology of the Old Turkic royal clan name Ašina/Ašinas and the transformation process in the early Abbasid period. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 145-153. (2011)

Tamim Elmetwali: Cumans and Russians (1055-1240). In: Chronica, (11). pp. 198-210. (2011)

Teploukhov S. A. and Kiselyov S. V. and Kitova L. Yu.: Pioneers of archaeological research on nomads in Medieval South Siberia. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 161-167. (2011)

Wojtilla Gyula: Agriculture versus pastoralism in Indo-Aryan prehistory. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 62-70. (2011)

Zimonyi István: Medieval nomadic conference in the shadow of the Egyptian revolution : fourth international conference on Medieval history of the Eurasian steppe. January 25-30, 2011. Office of the Hungarian cultural counsellor in Cairo 13, Gawad Hosni St. 2. Floor Abdin, Cairo. In: Chronica, (11). pp. 3-5. (2011)

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