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Alemany Agusti: A prosopographical approach to medieval Eurasian nomads. In: Chronica. pp. 6-24. (2018)

Anikeeva Tatiana A.: Nomads in the prose of medieval Turkish folklore : "Battal-name" and Danishmend-name". In: Chronica. pp. 25-29. (2018)

Balogh Mátyás: On the emergence of the Qinghai sections of the silk road. In: Chronica. pp. 30-42. (2018)

Danka Balázs: An epic geography of the Oγuz-nāmä in Uyghur script. In: Chronica. pp. 51-69. (2018)

Dobrovits Mihály: Joseph Deguinges, Georgius Pray, and the reshaping of the Hungarian national identity in the eighteenth century. In: Chronica. pp. 70-75. (2018)

Font Márta: The elite supporters of the Hungarian rule in 13th century Halych. In: Chronica. pp. 76-92. (2018)

Gausz Ildikó: Jacques Bongars et ses Rerum Hungaricarum scriptores varii 1600, peremier recueil de sources de l'Histoire de Hongrie. In: Chronica. pp. 93-112. (2018)

Hao Chen: Baz Qaγan and the transformation of Toquz Oγuz. In: Chronica. pp. 43-50. (2018)

Hoppál Krisztina: New shades of old materials changing roles of transparent glass artefacts in the Barbarian states of China. In: Chronica. pp. 114-136. (2018)

Kahraman Mutlu: Military organisation and the warfare of the Türk qaghanate. In: Chronica. pp. 137-152. (2018)

Kalinina Tatiana M.: The Turks on medieval arab maps : 9th-10th centuries. In: Chronica. pp. 153-163. (2018)

Karatay Osman and Üren Umut: On the earliest mention of the ethnonym 'Oghuz' in Western Turkestan. In: Chronica. pp. 164-177. (2018)

Katona Csete: Fusion of cultures in tenth-century Rus rituals. In: Chronica. pp. 197-211. (2018)

Kovács Szilvia: An unremembered Hungarian friar's martyrdom in the Golden Horde. In: Chronica. pp. 178-189. (2018)

Kradin Nikolay N.: Historical dynamics and succession of Inner Asian nomadic empires. In: Chronica. pp. 190-196. (2018)

Landa Ishayahu: Reconsidering the Chinggisids' sons-in-laws : lessons from the United Empire. In: Chronica. pp. 212-225. (2018)

Ma Xiaolin: The eleven queens' Qos Ordos and the Imperial ancestral sacrifice under the Mongol-Yuan Dynasty. In: Chronica. pp. 226-235. (2018)

Petrukhin Vladimir: The title "khagan" in old Slavic traditions. In: Chronica. pp. 236-240. (2018)

Rybakov Nikolaj: The map of the Manichean routes in Central Asia : South-North. In: Chronica. pp. 241-253. (2018)

Stoyanov Valery: The Cuman studies as a scientific discipline. In: Chronica. pp. 254-261. (2018)

Tezcan Mehmet: In which group do the Orkhon inscriptions belong from a diplomatic point of view? In: Chronica. pp. 262-270. (2018)

Uzelac Aleksandar: An empire within an empire? : ethnic and religious realities in the lands of Nogai, c. 1270-1300. In: Chronica. pp. 271-283. (2018)

Zimonyi István: Preface. In: Chronica. p. 5. (2018)

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