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Balogh József and Morris Robert and Samotij Wojciech: Independent sets in hypergraphs.

Csajbók Bence: Inverse-closed linear subspaces and related problems.

Giulietti Massimo and Bartoli Daniele: Small complete caps and saturating sets in Galois spaces I-II.

Héger Tamás and Takáts Marcella: Semi-resolving sets for PG(2,q).

Kiss György: Semiovals and semiarcs.

Korchmáros Gábor: Intersection of an oval and a unital in a finite desarguesian plane.

Kozma József: Regular polygons : the transformation approach.

Lanzone Valentino: Search algorithms in the Hughes plane of order 25.

Mazzocca Francesco and Blokhuis A. and Marino G.: Generalized hyperfocused arcs in P G(2, p).

Nagy Gábor P. and Korchmáros Gábor and Pace N.: Projective realization of finite groups.

Napolitano Vito: k-sets of PG(3, q) with two intersection numbers with respect to planes.

Pavese Francesco: Hyperovals on Hermitian generalized quadrangles.

Siciliano Alessandro: Translation ovoids of finite classical polar spaces.

Sonnino Angelo: Hughes planes and their collineation groups.

Szőnyi Tamás: Lacunary polynomials and finite geometry.

Takáts Marcella and Héger Tamás: Resolving sets in finite projective planes.

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