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Balogh Gábor: Features of 'talent-branding' at the University of Pécs.

Balogh Gábor and Sipos Norbert: Graduate follow-up system at the University of Pécs.

Bencikova Dana and Cole David: Institutional isomorphism vs. the free market.

Bogdanović Mario and Svržnjak Kristina: Management social responsibility of Croatian agricultural enterprises.

Braxmair Zsófia and Hetesi Erzsébet: University impact and impress on student growth.

Dean Cecilia M.: The science behind Taylor's 'principles of scientific management'.

Dragičević Marija and Žarković Ksenija: Influence of quality management system ISO 9001 at hotel business practice in Croatia.

Dragomir Elena Andrei and Dobre Ion: Risk management : a strategic advisor for a sound management of a leasing business.

Dumitrescu Georgia: Risk factors in the elaboration and implementation of projects within the Hungary - Romania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

Farkas Gergely: Management of family businesses.

Gulyás Éva: Not all that glitters is gold - not all foreign currency is what it seems? : a perspective of financial institutions.

Harmath Péter: Sound theoretical knowledge as a remedy for practical organizational problems.

Hegedűs Henrik: Knowledge - management with talent - management.

Hurta Hilda: Corporate opinion about competition and cooperation in the examined enterprises.

Hámori Balázs and Szabó Katalin: Organizational innovations and their behavioral background.

Imreh Szabolcs and Málovics Éva and Farkas Gergely: Family - business - development.

Kazár Klára: Consumer awareness in public services environment : quantitative examination of water consumption habits in the city of Szeged.

Keczer Gabriella: Assessing faculty’s performance : war of the worlds?

Kiss Gábor Dávid and Kosztopulosz Andreász and Kovács Péter and Révész Balázs: Financial literacy of Hungarian teenagers.

Komlósi Edit: Trait emotional intelligence (TEIQue) as an individual performance influancing factor.

Kovács Zoltán and Tasner Dóra and Kovács Viktor and Kovács Kristóf: Taylor in the digital age.

Kürtösi Zsófia: Students in the labour market.

Lakatos Péter and Németh Gyöngyi: Logistics performance assessment.

Lenkovics Beatrix and Töttösi Adrienn and Lelovics Zsuzsanna and Farkas Tibor: Nógrád county : rural tourism?

Lobnikar Branko: How to get employee engagement?

Marosán György: Corporate management and the revolution of the Machiavelli-method.

Megyeri Eszter: The role of fairness in modelling business relationships.

Milicz Ákos: Civil project management.

Monastyrnaâ Elena: Driving forces of development of society in a market economy.

Málovics Éva: Foreword : collection of papers based on the lectures of the international conference organized by the University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration on November 4-5 2011.

Málovics Éva and Kincsesné Vajda Beáta: Paradigm shift in organizational health management.

Noszkay Erzsébet: "Who will (or should) inherit the earth?" : the new challenge of Hungarian change and crisis management: issues of responsible succession of family businesses.

Papp-Váry Árpád Ferenc: Lessons from fish market sellers, cheese-seeking mice and moving penguins - building business short stories into management education.

Pierog Anita and Szabados György Norbert: The examination of managerial processes of civic organizations.

Plotnieks Davis: Conception of an innovative school and its development opportunities in Latvia.

Poór József and Óhegyi Katalin: The cafeteria system in Hungary : past, present and future.

Révész Balázs and Törőcsik Mária: Leveraging marketing performance through information technology use.

Sipos Norbert: Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs graduates on the labor market.

Szabowska-Walaszczyk Anna and Zawadzka Anna Maria and Brozowski Andrzej: Employee engagement : how business goals can be achieved through employee well-being.

Tessényi Judit: Responsible corporate behaviour at Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Vaszkun Balázs: Taylor and after : paradigms in the history of management.

Vilmányi Márton: The impact of cooperation closeness on cooperation effectiveness in university-industry R&D collaborations.

Vázquez José Luis and Lanero Ana and Purificación García María: "Students today, workers tomorrow" : an analysis of undergraduates' attitudes towards corporate social responsibility.

Zsigmond Száva: Cross-fertilization between sport psychology and business coaching.

Ács Attila: Motivation of financial institutions' management to a crisis.

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